Albanischlehrkraft Elson 艾力

Elson 艾力

Chinesisch (Mandarin)
Polyglot with 10 years of experience / Offering lessons in Gheg
Aus AlbanienLebt in Freiburg, Deutschland (16:04 UTC+02:00)
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italki-Lehrkraft seit 24. May 2016
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DID YOU KNOW that it takes approximately 1100 hours (4 hours per day for 44 weeks) to learn Albanian language? I’ll be on vacation from the 20th of June until the 4th of July. If you are ​not available during any of the open time-slots, please send me a message and we may be able to find a time that works for both of us. I have been teaching Albanian since March 2014. All of my lessons are to be found on YouTube under the name Learn Albanian Online ( As of March 2023, I have taught over 5000 hours online and over 400 students of all levels from all over the world.

Albanisch Unterrichtsstunden

78 Unterrichtsstunden abgeschlossen
USD 11.00+
Learn Gheg Dialect
B1 -  C2


28 Unterrichtsstunden abgeschlossen
USD 25.00+
Paket mit 8% Rabatt
General Albanian (A1-C2)
A1 -  C2


704 Unterrichtsstunden abgeschlossen
USD 17.00+
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Read your first novel in Albanian
B2 -  C2


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364 Bewertungen

Schüler/Schülerin Natalie R
Natalie R
68 Albanisch Unterrichtsstunden
Auswahl der Lehrkraft
Elson is a fantastic teacher! I am shocked that in just 10 lessons with him I am already reading and speaking in Albanian. He is very patient and teaches according to your learning speed and style. He is one of the best language teachers I have had. Cant recommend him enough!
22. Juni 2021
Schüler/Schülerin nuray
72 Albanisch Unterrichtsstunden
Auswahl der Lehrkraft
The most that I like about Elson is his dedication to teach me all aspects of the Albanian language in a consistent manner. He does not rush and wants to make sure I understand every lesson that he teaches me. He does not tire in repeating any grammatical aspect and in the end he makes me feel that it is worth it to learn Albanian.
28. Juni 2019
Schüler/Schülerin Matan
32 Albanisch Unterrichtsstunden
Auswahl der Lehrkraft
The best, the best, and again... the best (Albanian) teacher I have ever met online. Today we went over adjectives again, and Elson did everything to make sure that I was comfprtable with them. Thank you so much :)
30. März 2017
Schüler/Schülerin Adrienne
2 Albanisch Unterrichtsstunden
Elson is an absolute legend. His intricate knowledge and detailed study of his native language are on full display! He's been in this game so long, he has materials and lesson plans stockpiled for absolutely any occasion. I've watched all his youtube lessons at least once, and even if I'm familiar with the topic I never fail to learn something new. Don't even try to learn Albanian without Elson!
21. Mai 2024
Schüler/Schülerin Sheila w
Sheila w
1 Albanisch Unterrichtsstunde
The first meeting was very informative and helpful. Learning material was recommended to me and I will definitely get it. I would recommend this teacher to anyone who is interested in Albanian Faleminderit shumë
9. Mai 2024
Schüler/Schülerin Valeria
7 Albanisch Unterrichtsstunden
Es macht richtig Spaß mit Elson albanisch zu lernen. Er ist sehr kompetent. Ich freue mich auf weiteren Unterricht mit ihm.
28. Apr. 2024
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