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My name is Yako. I love to communicate with people and talking about any cultural and social topics. So it is a real pleasure for me to listen and to help people who want to learn to speak in Japanese. Having lived in different countries and I learned their language. I know how hard it's to speak to new people in a new language. I also know that it's very frustrating when you can't express your feelings and ideas well in another language. I understand exactly how you feel and that's why I will encourage you to speak Japanese without pressure and I'll give you many tips and vocabulary to help you express yourself.

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Pronunciation and Vocal Expression Training ( use texts and scripts) 発音・言葉遣い・表現
A1 -  C2


381 lessons completed
USD 13.00+
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Speaking Skills/Conversational Japanese Lessons (with prompt written feedback)
A2 -  C2


868 lessons completed
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Textbook Based Lessons (Genki /みんなの日本語 /とびら/JLPT/Traveler's Japanese..etc)
A1 -  C1


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Auswahl der Lehrkraft
Yako-sensei is so sweet and helpful! She helped me speak in grammatically correct sentences and was quick to stop and explain the words she used when I didn't understand. I felt completely comfortable speaking and making mistakes because I knew that she would help me speak better. ありがとうございました、木村先生!
24. Jan 2023
93 Japanisch Unterrichtsstunden
Auswahl der Lehrkraft
Long-term Japanese language learner here. I can't recommend Yako highly enough: she's knowledgdable, professional, and always tailors lessons to the needs of her students. On top of that, she's also just a fun person to talk to!
26. Apr 2022
Azul (Blue)
14 Japanisch Unterrichtsstunden
Auswahl der Lehrkraft
Another wonderful class and a great opportunity to practice my accent and conversation. I recently discovered Kimura sensei's podcast on spotify, and I like hearing it during work. She has such a pleasant voice! Thank you again for your patience and kind words.
11. Nov 2021
jon davis
190 Japanisch Unterrichtsstunden
Yako is excellent at explaining patterns in ending changes for various forms of verbs.
13. Sept 2023
1 Japanisch Unterrichtsstunde
Première leçon... Une autre façon d'avancer/d apprendre en parallèle, très intéressant, un autre apprentissage qui pourrait tout a fait se greffer et compléter mon parcours déjà engagé avec ma professeur du début. Plus qu'à etudier. Merci beaucoup
8. Aug 2023
1 Japanisch Unterrichtsstunde
Première leçon avec Yako-san, c'est une professeure vraiment géniale. Sa prononciation en japonais est très claire et facile à comprendre, ce qui facilite beaucoup pour les personnes comme moi qui ont du mal à comprendre le japonais parlé vite. Yako-san prend le temps et explique bien les mots, les concepts. La discussion était très intéressante et nous avons parlé de plein de choses, de quoi enrichir mon vocabulaire. Merci Yako-san 😊👍 !
6. Juli 2023
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