Yohann Coussot

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Chinesisch (Mandarin)
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Certified French teacher with 10+ years’ experience - FIDE Expert
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italki-Lehrkraft seit 10. Aug 2018
Enchanté ! Je m'appelle Yohann, je viens de Dijon en Bourgogne, capitale du vin et de la gastronomie. J'adore voyager pour découvrir de nouvelles cultures et apprendre de nouvelles langues. Ce que je préfère en France, c'est la diversité des paysages, l'excellente nourriture et boire un verre en terrasse avec des amis ! Nice to meet you ! I'm Yohann, I come from Dijon in Burgundy, capital of wine and gastronomy. I love travelling and discovering new cultures, learning new languages and meeting new people ! I'm also an avid hiker always looking for the next amazing landscape. What I prefer in France : cheese and wine of course ! 你好我也会说一点中文因为以前我在法语联盟党老师 ! 我也非常了解中国公众.

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General French
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FIDE exam preparation
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Tejas Ghalsasi
1 Französisch Unterrichtsstunde
Auswahl der Lehrkraft
I am a fan of Youhann . He is an exceptionally great teacher. His classes are interactive and fun. I have taken his Udemy Course to learn French that is how I found him here. While the cost for his class might not be low, it is worth every penny spent because Yohann goes out of his way to help you solve the problem. He is a great guide and has thorough experience in the field. I highly recommend Yohann.
28. Apr 2022
12 Französisch Unterrichtsstunden
Auswahl der Lehrkraft
Yohann had prepared flexible lesson that allowed him both to assess my level and adjust what we were doing accordingly. He was easy to talk with and provided feedback and corrections, but in a way that did not disrupt the flow of conversation. He presented a good plan for how we can move forward working together, and I am looking forward to it!
28. Okt 2018
36 Französisch Unterrichtsstunden
Auswahl der Lehrkraft
Another superb lesson with Yohann with lots of speaking practice - he's so patient and supportive. He offered constructive vocabulary suggestions and alternative ways of phrasing my sentences/ideas at the same time as giving insights into French society. Thank you Yohann.
22. Okt 2018
Erez Aharoni
33 Französisch Unterrichtsstunden
I have had so far 30 lessons with Yohann (intermediate level- A2-B1) and I am most satisfied and happy with my choice! Yohann is a wonderful teacher as well as a person. I can really feel the progress I’ve made thanks to our lessons. Yohann is patient, pleasant,super nice and highly professional! The lessons are interactive and adjustable (with a perfect blend of grammar, writing and orale practice according to my specific needs), as well as enjoyable- the time just flies 😃 The materials and exercises on which we base during the lessons are excellent and wisely built, so as homework. The written documentation/ summary of each lesson is great for revisions of all learned. So… look no more 😃 I am definitely planning to go on … Thank you dear Yohann 🙏🙏🙏
23. Dez 2022
49 Französisch Unterrichtsstunden
23. Sept 2021
11 Französisch Unterrichtsstunden
28. Juli 2021
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