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Native German speaker with focus on Beginners, Business and Academic German, Job Interview
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My name is Souvik, I’m 28 years old and born and raised in Hamburg Germany. I went to school in Hamburg and did my Highschool Degree (Abitur) there. Afterwards I lived and studied in the United States, in San Diego California International Business and perfectionated my English. At the moment I’m living in South America, in the beautiful city of Medellin Colombia and doing an International Business degree here. My mother language is German , I am fluent in English and speak Spanish. I teach German on Italkie and also I’m a German teacher here in Colombia. I offer conversational and business classes, my students are children, students from the university and young professionals.

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1 Deutsch Unterrichtsstunde
Auswahl der Lehrkraft
Great lesson! Souvik uses an online program to help teach German. This program offers videos and teaches simple phrases so you never feel like you are above your head (by the way, I'm an absolute beginner in German). The lessons were easy to go through. Souvik was able to identify what was easy for me and what was hard for me. For the easy stuff, he skipped ahead, but for the harder things he stopped and explained and answered any questions I had.
15. Okt 2023
1 Deutsch Unterrichtsstunde
Auswahl der Lehrkraft
Souvik is a fun person to have a conversation with. He was very approachable during our first lesson and completely non-judgmental about the fact that I primarily spoke in English. He clearly wrote out several phrases that I did not understand and kept a great flow in conversation. Look forward to the next one - thank you, Souvik!
25. Jan 2023
Philippe Guerrier
1 Deutsch Unterrichtsstunde
Auswahl der Lehrkraft
He has a lot of knowledge, he is really patient and helpful. He is doing his best to keep the conversation entertaining. He has the right amount of tips to help people improve their skills in German. He is a really good German teacher.
28. Juni 2021
3 Deutsch Unterrichtsstunden
Vielen Dank!
29. Nov 2023
3 Deutsch Unterrichtsstunden
Vielen Dank!
6. Okt 2023
Joanna S
1 Deutsch Unterrichtsstunde
The teacher was most of the time on his phone and I had an impression that he was not very interested in what I was saying. Almost no follow up questions. The final recommendation was that I should practice more - thanks, that's why I'm here. I find it very judging and rude from a tutor to say that. Would not recommend
11. Sept 2023
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