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Aus DeutschlandLebt in Lima, Peru (09:07 UTC-05:00)
Über mich
italki-Lehrkraft seit 12. May 2020
Thema von InteresseReisenSportEssen
Dear student, My name is Munir. I am 35 years old and native German. After my graduation as an industrial engineer and working several years as one in Germany, I was looking for some change and started to travel. I came across so many wonderful people around the world and I fully enjoyed learning about their culture and language which changed me and my perspective of life. Currently I live in Peru, South America, where I work as a freelancer to teach people from basic to advanced German, and help them with their German language certifications. I am about to learn Spanish myself so we have something in common. Let’s learn a language!! :)

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German Workbook (reading, listening, speaking, writing) / Grammar Intensive / Text Analysis / Test Preparation (Goethe TELC,DSH)
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241 Bewertungen

Michael Schumann
74 Deutsch Unterrichtsstunden
Auswahl der Lehrkraft
I had a really nice lesson with Munir (as always). I feel myself improving in the language and being able to more easily form sentences. The language is becoming more natural to me, which is very exciting! I always look forward to my lessons with Munir because he's super helpful, very encouraging, and easy to talk to.
12. Okt 2021
Laura Estévez
81 Deutsch Unterrichtsstunden
Auswahl der Lehrkraft
I have been learning German with Munir for a few weeks and I've since moved from A1 to A2. I'm very happy with how he initially assessed my level of German and adjusted to it. The classes are very well structured, easy to follow and fun! He walks me through the theory, makes sure I understand the key concepts and vocabulary and then we put it into practice with different types of exercises. I really like that he also provides extra material when necessary, which is especially important for the more complicated grammar topics. He is also very good at spotting what I struggle with the most and focus on that. We've just started A2 I feel very confident and excited! Vielen Dank :)
5. Nov 2020
Danae Angelidaki
111 Deutsch Unterrichtsstunden
Auswahl der Lehrkraft
Munir is an excellent teacher and learning with him is very pleasant. Every time I look forward to having the next course. Three things I really appreciate in his teaching method are 1. we apply right away the new grammar rules we come across, which makes grammar very easy to comprehend, 2. we go thoroughly through the texts I write to correct any mistakes and improve the style, 3. we practice free conversation in a regular basis. I had 1-2 other German teachers in the past, but only with Munir I saw real progress and gained confidence in using the language. I would totally recommend him!
4. Nov 2020
Jonas Bredelius
6 Deutsch Unterrichtsstunden
Munir is very creative and have a good understanding of commom errors when speaking german.
10. Nov 2023
Janelle T.
5 Deutsch Unterrichtsstunden
I've taken several lessons with Munir now, and he is fantastic. He is incredibly helpful, patient, and easy to talk to. When I started on iTalki, I didn't have very much confidence in my speaking abilities, but Munir has helped me a ton and I'm even more motivated to keep going. I find these lessons more worthwhile than the in-person German course that I'm taking at the moment. I'm looking forward to more lessons! Danke schön Munir!
2. Nov 2023
1 Deutsch Unterrichtsstunde
Vielen Dank
21. Sept 2023
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