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Hey everyone! My apologies - taking some time off 10/2 - 10/6. I'll see you guys soon. Take care! 🐱
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Please call me Fuka. I was never a really good student in school, but I had a strong desire to travel for as long as I can remember. That was my motivation to learn English. Not to study it, but to USE it! So even though my parents didn’t know any foreign languages, and I never had the chance to travel outside of Japan until university, I loved watching movies and TV shows in English and dreamed of adventuring around the world on my own, using English to make it possible. I’ve been to Europe, southeast Asia, the Americas and hope to visit more in the future. I enjoy movies and tv series, making jewelry, collecting stickers, being with cats and I’m starting to develop a knack for investing.

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The amount of tangible progress I’ve made with Fuka-san is such a great feeling. It’s becoming increasingly more challenging, but I feel confident thanks to Fuka-san’s guidance🙌
21. Apr 2022
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This was my 180th lesson with Fuka sensei. Fuka sensei was the first sensei I booked on iTalki and she has always been a massive influence on my Japanese studies. Fuka sensei has helped me enormously ever since our first lesson. Her encouragement, gentle corrections, exemplary conduct, wonderfully cheerful and bright personality is heaven sent. I couldn't ask for anything more from Fuka sensei, she ticks each and every box of what a good sensei should be. I always look forward to each and every one of our lessons as I know they'll always be enjoyable, educational and I'll come out with a humongous smile of satisfaction. 本当にありがとうございました。また木曜日に。
22. Feb 2022
Jake Moon
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Fuka is awesome and has many different strategies to teach you. I couldn’t suggest her class enough. It’s an excellent balance of Japanese culture and learning. She is patient and very focused on what your trying to achieve. It’s also a huge help she’s bilingual. If you are diligent in your studies this class will keep you motivated. Please take her class, take the initiative and learn Japanese with Fuka.
29. Juni 2021
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ふか先生 is the best !!! 😊
1. Sept 2023
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My 3rd lesson with Fuka-san, and its becoming an hour a week that I look forward to. She is very patient and is helping me become more confident in speaking in Japanese.
24. Aug 2023
15 Japanisch Unterrichtsstunden
Fuka-san is great! She is really easy to talk with and makes the whole experience very comfortable. She's also very patient (which is great because I'm just starting). I highly recommend her!
18. Aug 2023
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