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唯花 (ゆいか Yuika)

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italki-Lehrkraft seit 15. Jun 2021
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私は日本で生まれ、日本で育ちました。 趣味は漫画を読むこと、アニメを見ること、着物を着るのも好きです。 英語は少し話せます。夫はカナダ人ですから恋の話もできますよ。 新しい言葉を勉強するのは、大変だし、緊張しますよね。でも大丈夫!ゆっくりリラックスしてレッスンをできるようにしますので、安心して連絡してくださいね。 (12月にカナダに引っ越すのでタイムゾーンが変わります。お気を付けください。) Hi, I’m Yuika. I grew up more than 25 years in Japan. I am a Japanese native speaker. My husband is Canadian. I love reading comic books, watching anime, and also like wearing Kimono. Learning a new language is not easy and I understand that you might feel nervous or discouraged. But it will be alright! I’ll make my lessons based on your needs and goals, where you can study in a comfortable pace and get the most out of each lesson. So please feel free to contact me. みなさんと会えるのを楽しみにしています!

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125 Bewertungen

Schüler/Schülerin Mike K
Mike K
23 Japanisch Unterrichtsstunden
Auswahl der Lehrkraft
Yuika is a great teacher and I have enjoyed studying with her immensely. She really takes the time to do more than just teach you the lesson content and has helped me with other requests I have in Japanese. She was happy to check writing I was doing for events in my personal life and even took a lot of time to make suggestions on how to make it sound more natural and improve it. When doing examples in class too, she will often try and tailor it to things she knows are relevant to my real life, making it easier for me to remember it.
17. Jan. 2024
Schüler/Schülerin 一帆/Yifan/カズホ
111 Japanisch Unterrichtsstunden
Auswahl der Lehrkraft
I have been studying with Yuika Sensei for over 100 lessons and it has been such a pleasant experience. Out of habit I barely leave comments on the Internet, but today, likely my last day on iTalki Japanese, I would really like to express my gratitude towards Yuika Sensei for her company in my Japanese learning journey. The first lesson was unforgettable. I was extremely nervous and hesitant and sweated a lot, but Yuika Sensei was very patient and thoughtful and encouraged me a lot. During the past year, together we read Manga, discussed news, had casual daily talks, and left a lot of good memories… Yuika Sensei explained jokes and dialects in Manga that I could never get without help, and answered countless questions that I came across in books or in many times just raised on a whim. If you are looking for someone kind, skilled, and perfect for both casual talks as a friend and professional lessons as a teacher, do not hesitate and BOOK NOW! Yuika Sensei, thank you!
30. März 2023
Schüler/Schülerin Jesse Niphoratos
Jesse Niphoratos
1 Japanisch Unterrichtsstunde
The lesson was very good. She was very helpful and was very good about helping when i needed it but letting me figure it out as i was trying. Will definitely take more.
15. Juni 2024
Schüler/Schülerin Joe
1 Japanisch Unterrichtsstunde
Yuika先生 was fun to talk to. We had a good conversation about a variety of things including Japanese language itself.
2. Mai 2024
Schüler/Schülerin Angela
1 Japanisch Unterrichtsstunde
Yuika is great! She is so helpful in guiding with speaking and very helpful with words I may not know or be sure of. She is very assuring and made the environment for learning very comfortable. I look forward to my next lessons with her. ありがとうございます、ゆいか!
23. Apr. 2024
Schüler/Schülerin Devon
4 Japanisch Unterrichtsstunden
Yuika先生 is so patient and sweet. She always encourages me. We often discuss grammar points, have free discussions on a topic of my choosing, or discuss news articles. It is really helpful for advancing my use of Japanese. Thank you, Yuikaさん。
17. Apr. 2024
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