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Hi, there. I am Xie Wan. I am originally from Hubei province, the central part of China. During the pandemic, I traveled for almost two years, from Asia to the Middle East, then to the magical land of Africa. Since that, I live everywhere and working as a freelancer. I love learning new things, and language is one of them. I hope I can help your Chinese as my best here. 希望我们可以一起愉快的学习中文!

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32 Bewertungen

Reginald Williams
1 Chinesisch (Mandarin) Unterrichtsstunde
Auswahl der Lehrkraft
My first lesson with Xie was a first class success story. Though she seemed a bit nervous (because she’s so serious about doing things well, I think) once I got her to laugh even just once her sparkle shines through. Experienced in business and the small scale hotel industries, but also well read, philosophical and interested in other languages, I found her to be an engaging conversationalist. When English is necessary her English is clear and easy to follow. I highly recommend her to those wishing to study at the intermediate or advanced level who are self-motivated and know what they want things they’d like to talk about and what kinds of language issues they’d like to work on (pronunciation, vocabulary building, grammar, etc).
16. Aug 2021
Will Mannon (马晓伟)
19 Chinesisch (Mandarin) Unterrichtsstunden
Great session with XieWan!
27. Mai 2023
Jim O'Shea
5 Chinesisch (Mandarin) Unterrichtsstunden
She is wonderful!
9. März 2023
10 Chinesisch (Mandarin) Unterrichtsstunden
Great lesson. Patient and friendly. Always get to talk about interesting topics 👌
27. Feb 2023
Jim O'Shea
5 Chinesisch (Mandarin) Unterrichtsstunden
She is fantastic, patient and kind!!
21. Feb 2023
Jim O'Shea
5 Chinesisch (Mandarin) Unterrichtsstunden
Xie Wan doesn't give herself enough credit. I learned a great deal in just 30 minutes. I'm dyslexic. I'm talking now. That's how I work. I hope you understand how challenging learning is for me. She is working with me. I'm a real person. This isn't a "shill" review. I look forward to learning with her.
17. Feb 2023
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