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Certificated native Japanese teacher with over 10 years of teaching experience in the UK
Aus JapanLebt in London, Großbritannien (23:29 UTC+01:00)
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🥇🥇🥇 Top 1% of italki Japanese teacher in 2022🥇🥇🥇 🇯🇵 Native Japanese speaker 👩‍🏫 Qualified professional teacher with over 10 years of teaching experience in London. 🏫 Taught at Japanese schools, adult schools, and in face-to-face lessons. 👌 Conducts lessons in both English and Japanese. 😄 Open-minded, non-judgmental, and easy to talk to. 🔍@learnjapanesewithakiko

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【25 mins / 55 mins / 85 mins】Absolute beginners & N4/5 level (Homework included)
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【25 mins / 40 mins / 55 mins 】Let's talk about an article !! for N4 / N3 / N2 / N1 learners
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【55 mins / 25 mins】First time lesson
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<NEW!!>【55 mins】日本語の先生の相談室


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<NEW!!>【55 mins】for 2 people / Absolute beginners & N4/5 level (Homework included)
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I’ve been taking lessons with Akiko Sensei for over a year and I’m so pleased she is my teacher! I have recently started university studying Japanese and Akiko tailors and structures my lessons based on the grammar we will be studying class, so I am able to practice and understand prior to my university class. Speaking Japanese can be very daunting and scary, but I feel comfortable speaking and testing out my Japanese with Akiko wherever I can. Akiko will create a comfortable atmosphere and environment for learning Japanese. Akiko is patient and very gentle, just try out your Japanese and each time you will make progress! あきこ先生、本当にありがとうございます!
8. Feb 2023
Anna Klann
170 Japanisch Unterrichtsstunden
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Sensei is pushing me to talk more and that's what I definitely need. grammar revisions and introduction of correlating grammar makes learning easy. がんばりましょ!
3. Aug 2021
Philip Andrew
1 Japanisch Unterrichtsstunde
Auswahl der Lehrkraft
Akiko-sensei is the best Japanese teacher you could wish for! I've been taking private lessons with her for a while now and the learning experience has been truly amazing! Akiko-sensei has awesome teaching materials to conveniently learn online, she is always so well prepared, she explains everything easily, and she is very supportive. She has expansive experience in teaching absolute beginners to advanced students. And as a person she is very empathetic, encouraging and always brings positive and good energy. I can't recommend Akiko-sensei enough!
15. Apr 2021
4 Japanisch Unterrichtsstunden
Thank you once again Akiko-先生, this lesson this time was a bit hard for me but thankfully Akiko sensei was kind and patient with me and that really helped retain the new words I learned and to make it even better, the last lesson we had, she taught me how to tell time and when we first started this lesson she asked me the time and because of her thorough lessons, I recalled it. Every lesson with Akiko sensei is enjoyable and I’m looking forward to the next lesson.
21. Sept 2023
4 Japanisch Unterrichtsstunden
Thank you Akiko-sensei, as always the lesson was very nice and even though i made mistakes, she corrected me and made me feel comfortable about making mistakes while correcting me. She uses easy to understand vocabulary and explain words i dont understand. I really look forward to our next lesson and what i can learn from Akiko-sensei. Thank you once again.
14. Sept 2023
20 Japanisch Unterrichtsstunden
I'm currently prepping for the JLPT. I recently took a mock test, and today we went over it together. Akiko-sensei took the time to explain each question I didn't understand thoroughly with real life examples and highlighted the parts I did well on. Afterwards, she offered homework to focus on the parts I'm currently struggling with. However, despite us prepping for this exam, each lesson has been quite lighthearted and enjoyable. It always feels like a conversation. :)
11. Sept 2023
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