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IELTS Speaking - Social Media Vocabulary For Higher Score! Talking with good English vocabulary involves not just the content words to amplify the meaning inherent in your piece but also the functional and transitional words to have them well backed up with the right expression. It helps get over any hesitation in speaking fluently and any distraction as to how the dialogues are knit. It creates a positive impression on the examiner and gives a better sense of the value presented in your words. In the podcasts there are 15 relevant words & it's meaning that you can start using now and here are some more for you to see: Active Vocabulary Words Basic Media updates To go viral, phishing Traffic, live streaming Synergy, mentions Communities, campaigns Platform, engagement Online content/Digital resources Web influence Widgets, Search Engine On fleek, keep score, know your meme Shares, Stories, Sign-ups, Visits, Views/Impressions, and likewise Was it helpful? Do you need some help in IELTS speaking part 1,2 and 3? Or you can see what other training / coaching I have available ( please read my offers as there will be some surprising results I have achieved that you might also be interested in learning about!). Book my classes now to ace your IELTS speaking test. See you in 5!
IELTS Vocabulary: Social Media Topics.
19 de mar de 2023 3:17