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#LanguageHacking courses present a new way of language learning. Benny Lewis shares his proven memory techniques, shortcuts and strategies so you can speak from day 1 and submit missions!
Why Chinese is Easier than you think! A while back, I dedicated some time to learning to speak Mandarin, and the Internet nearly imploded at the idea of me trying to do it in a short time. I heard protests of it being the hardest language in the world, but I went ahead anyway. After a few months of learning it in Taiwan, I went on to travel over 2,000km of trains through China, learning Kung Fu from a master in a village, meeting a Buddhist monk in a monastery, making friends and using my Mandarin along the way. What I learned in this experience was that Chinese isn’t that difficult after all. Like with all the languages I learn, I focused on speaking from day one and finding shortcuts and hacks to make the learning stick. Click here to find out why learning Mandarin is easy. https://www.italki.com/article/Aumjywne3SKq3lVVaKKkJC/The-ways-you-can-make-learning-Mandarin-easy And if you’re ready to start learning, you can also check out my new book. https://go.italki.com/LanguageHackingMandarin -Benny Lewis, Language Hacker More information can be found here. https://www.italki.com/languagehacking
29 janvier 2022
Scary job interview in English or IELTS speaking test... What makes it scary? What is it about yourself that makes you feel inadequate, which makes it scary when you think about your future job interview in English? What skills or qualities do you have that you think aren't enough? Do you lack English vocabulary that you think might run you into the ditch? You do all of this, I know. I teach people like you with families like yours, so I know what is inside your head. And what is inside your head is the topic of today's success in recoding that you DON'T WANT TO MISS ON! I suggest you listen to it several times, as inside it is the KEY that will help you DISCOVER the power that lies within! https://www.italki.com/en/post/UEbCpkkfGEEmESrFsVfPT7 I wish you luck in discovering it NOW, and I'd love to assist you on your journey. Apply for my private classes now.
20 juil. 2024 12:24
What you could turn to psychology to help you with English language related goals? If you'll turn to psychology and look at solutions for your English language-related goals, you'll find something I am here to help you gain—the understanding of secondary gains! In psychology, a secondary gain is when you benefit from a problem. It’s when you receive advantages from unwanted conditions, circumstances, or limitations. In other words, you benefit from not overcoming problems. It doesn’t mean the problem is positive, but the benefits of having the problem support you in keeping it rather than solving it. Secondary gains are guides to help you get unstuck. They’re an invitation to understand the advantages you receive from retaining problems instead of solving them. In simple terms, you crave attention and accidentally injure yourself. As a result, people care for you. You get what you want (attention), but at the expense of what you don’t want (injury). Is it now clear to you? What are your secondary gains from not following through on your language learning goals that you benefit from? Listen to my recording to get more ideas & be inspired: https://www.italki.com/en/post/YgikYWNEKeI3NtfcIUaCMG This might be a game-changer for you in learning to communicate in English confidently and fluently. Give it a go and allow yourself some space to think and resolve some uncommon issues. Good luck.
16 juil. 2024 14:47
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