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Managing conflict Many of us have a preferred way of dealing with conflict. However, the way you respond to conflict should depend on the situation. So, take time to consider the situation and decide on the best way of dealing with that conflict. Giving in: You’re probably right. I’m happy to do it your way. Avoiding: I’d prefer not to talk about this now. I’ll leave it to you to decide. Forcing: Let me tell you how this made me feel. This is what I think we should do… Compromising: If I (do this) can you (do this)? I’m happy to agree on (this) if you can (do that). Working together: I’d like to hear your side of things. What do you think is the best way forward? Follow me for more Everyday English. https://www.italki.com/en/teacher/13365914
Managing conflict phrases
What is your preferred way of dealing with conflict?
giving in / avoiding
working together
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