Robert Leko
Hello! I am wondering what the name for a type of pencil is that has to be refilled with 0.5mm lead sticks, similar to a ballpoint pen. I have seen them referred to as mechanical pencils in online shops, but I have also heard them called other names such as push point pencil, push point, clutch pencil, and self-filling pencil. What is the most correct term for this type of pencil and what do you call it in your country? Thank you!
15 apr 2024 17:59
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The only term for it I've heard used in the US is "mechanical pencil", but wikipedia also mentions the term "clutch pencil."
15 apr 2024 18:11
As a speaker of Irish English, it is a propelling pencil. I have confirmed with my British English experts and they also call it a propelling pencil. I love them. I use them all the time in language learning because it makes it easy to erase any mistakes I make!
15 apr 2024 19:16
I'm a US native speaker. The only term I know or have ever used is "mechanical pencil." (My experience is that you can get them with more than one thickness of lead. 0.5, 0.7, and 1mm are all common).
16 apr 2024 02:16
In the UK, they're called retractable pencils.
15 apr 2024 18:42
Mechanical Pencil
16 apr 2024 06:22
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