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For a man who always struggle with his life and doesn't have enough money to pay for the basic needs, where can the happiness come from? I think the happiness is usually far away from him too.On the opposite side, a rich man may not be happy either because of that he can't feel happy about his life with a lot of people surround him and who just want to get benefits from him.This remainds me of a old story that happened around 500 AD in China, when someone told a emperor that thousands of people died of hunger in disasters, he said :why didn't they eat meat? From this story we can find that for a rich person who never experienced any rough time in his life,he can't really understand what his good life refer to him and all the stuff he owns doesn't make sense for him.So, he can't feel happy.For those people who are afraid of being dead without enough food, they wouldn't have chance to experience the happy life. Happiness is the goal of everyone's life, money plays an important role in our lives.If the rich people can help poor people and let them feel the care from others, I think all of them will feel happy.So, money is not the key to be happy, the value of money is, only when you use your money to make value it can give you happiness.
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