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Namaste, My name is Mukesh and I'm from India. I am an experienced Hindi,Urdu,Punjabi and English Language tutor with a Master degree (linguistics and Hindi literature), able to teach and mentor (one-to-one) in all aspects to all age groups and levels. I am also conducting in person intensive Hindi courses, three weeks Hindi immersion program and cross culture training at Indian lingua Hindi school which is an exclusive Hindi school in Jaipur, Indian. and before that I was teaching at B.A.C collage associated with MGS University so, you can feel totally assured that I'm a tutor who knows how to plan and progress suitable lessons with care and professionalism and never let people down.

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complete Hindi course( Reading,writing,speaking and Grammar) for new students only
A1 -  C2


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USD 12.00+
Pacchetto con 8% di sconto
Beginners Hindi course(A1-B1)
A1 -  C2


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USD 21.00
Pacchetto con 7% di sconto
Hindi ; A complete course for intermediates by living language
A1 -  C2


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Pacchetto con 6% di sconto
Fast Track to Hindi Fluency
A1 -  C2


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USD 21.00+
Pacchetto con 8% di sconto


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Mukesh is a fantastic teacher !! He is patient,encouraging and brings a fun element to our lessons. He is extremely prepared, and very enthusiastic .I have been learning Hindi for over a year, I was getting very frustrated as I could not have a conversation or even string a basic sentence together. Since starting lessons with Mukesh I've realised I wasn't learning Hindi I was skirting around the sidelines somewhere. During our lessons Mukesh identified the mistakes I was making, he has brought me in from the sidelines and is building a foundation and an understanding of the language. With Mukesh's straightforward and logical approach I can now see a clear path towards having that Hindi conversation. I would highly recommend his services.
28 gen 2018
69 lezione/i di Hindi
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Mukesh sir is a fantastic teacher. This is my 26th hour class with him and all I can say is I can understand and speak Hindi at an intermediate stage which is too quick and miracle as I am a slow learner. He's well planned, prepared, has every slide for every grammar lessons and most importantly has patience to clarify all my doubt and give me the space and time to think ,speak and respond.So,Thank you so much sir. If you like the teacher, u will like the subject, and likewise he makes u like Hindi more. You will not feel the 1 hour time, it just flies. If you are looking to learn Hindi in a short period of time, and want to make your money worth. Go for him.
11 dic 2017
39 lezione/i di Punjabi
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Great class with many new words and grammatical structures. Mukesh's method make it easy to learn fast and keep my progress steady.
19 lug 2017
Katie Donovan
4 lezione/i di Urdu
Mukesh is a great Urdu teacher! He is conducting lessons for both my husband and I as we learn Urdu together. I appreciate that he involves both of us in practice conversations. He is very encouraging when we get things right and explains the grammar clearly when we are confused.
25 nov 2023
6 lezione/i di Inglese
nice lesson as always!
24 ott 2023
103 lezione/i di Hindi
I am almost at my 100th Hindi lesson with Mukesh ji--and the reason I have continued is because he does a great job! In particular, what I have found helpful are the balance of learning new material and practicing already covered concepts (incorporating the new with the old). He uses a variety of methods to help including unscripted conversation using learned grammar concepts/vocabulary, as well as scripted dialogues to translate, sample sentences, etc. In addition, there has been a logical flow of building from beginner stage to establish a solid foundation. At the same time, he has been very responsive and flexible to adjusting to what I have felt needed extra attention throughout. Finally, all of this is made as stress-free as possible since his manner is consistently encouraging including when I make a mistake, which is common enough! Given my own experience with Mukesh ji, I have confidently recommended him to family members as well who are wanting to learn Hindi. 5 Stars!
1 ott 2023
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