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Hello, My name is Chika. I am Japanese, I was born and raised in Hiroshima. I love travelling abroad. I had been to more than 15 countries. I went short-time abroad in Australia and U.S. when I was young. I also study English conversation and TOEIC online. So, I know learning second language is difficult at first. I hope I will help you learning one of the amazing language in the world "Japanese". I am friendly, positive and easy to get along with everyone. こんにちは。私は「ちか」です。私は広島で生まれ育った日本人です。 私は海外旅行が大好きです。今までに15か国以上の外国に行ったことがあります。学生時代にオーストラリアとアメリカに短期留学をしました。現在、私もオンラインで英会話やTOEICの勉強中ですので第二外国語を学ぶ難しさはよく分かります。皆さんの日本語学習のお役に立てたら嬉しいです。皆さんにお会いできるのを楽しみにしています!

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Conversational Japanese Practice
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[For Kids :Age 2~15] Hiragana, Katakana, Vocabularies and Grammar for beginners
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Free Plan Lesson (open curriculum)
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47 Recensioni

Studente Marcin
7 lezione/i di Giapponese
La scelta dell'insegnante
11 ott 2022
Studente Larry Campbell
Larry Campbell
2 lezione/i di Giapponese
La scelta dell'insegnante
I enjoyed the lesson very much. The teacher was always willing to talk and bring up different topics to keep the conversation going. The teacher was always interested in what I had to say and was very friendly!
14 set 2022
Studente Leila Jashmine
Leila Jashmine
12 lezione/i di Giapponese
La scelta dell'insegnante
全てお世話になりました。今日もちかさんが私を助けられました!一緒に日本語プレスメントインタビューのためにしていたり、小説の続きを読んだり、よく話したりして、楽しかったんですね!すごく勉強になりました。ちかさん、心からありがとうございます! She’s a great and supportive teacher, always so prepared. I personally cannot recommend her enough!
28 mar 2022
Studente Cameron Dergham
Cameron Dergham
17 lezione/i di Giapponese
I always look forward to my weekly lesson with Chika-sensei - conversations with her are fun, engaging, and informative and I feel much more prepared for my upcoming trip than before! チカ先生、勉強になった本当にありがとうございます!次の楽しくて興味深い会話を楽しみにしている、いつも通り!
22 mag 2024
Studente Cameron Dergham
Cameron Dergham
17 lezione/i di Giapponese
Chika-sensei's lessons are both fun and informative, and I always look forward to our conversations. She's very attentive and gives great answers to all of my language related questions each session! ちか先生はすごくいい先生ですよ!やっぱり次回を楽しみにしている
1 mag 2024
Studente Cameron Dergham
Cameron Dergham
17 lezione/i di Giapponese
Chika-sensei's lessons continue to help prepare me for my upcoming trip to Japan, and I feel like I can hold daily conversation decently well at this point! From here it's really a matter of continuing to deepen and broaden my knowledge of the language and hopefully make my way towards some semblance of 'fluency' eventually! ちか先生、いつもの楽しい会話ありがとうございます!毎回のレッスンの後で、もっと日本の旅行に整ったと思います。
1 mag 2024
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