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It’s more than just learning; it’s an adventure!
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Hi Czech language lovers! I’m Veronika, I’m here to be your guide on the exciting journey of mastering Czech! I have been immersed in the world of languages since I can remember, so I know pretty well that it's a challenging world! My language journey began with English at school, then I picked up a little bit of Russian, followed by Italian at university. However, the language that has profoundly changed my life is Spanish. When I’m not immersed in languages, I love to sit down with a book, practice yoga, go out into nature, to the mountains or indulge in riding my footbike. Will you join me in discovering the wonders of Czech language and culture?

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Czech for beginners / Čeština pro začátečníky
A1 -  A2


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Czech conversation with useful materials / Česká konverzace s užitečnými materiály
A2 -  C2


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Preparation for Czech language A2 Exam for Permanent Residence / Příprava na zkoušku z češtiny A2 pro trvalý pobyt

Preparazione di esami

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Czech conversation with no materials / Česká konverzace bez materiálů
B1 -  C2


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23 Recensioni

Studente Bohdan Opolonskyi
Bohdan Opolonskyi
19 lezione/i di Ceco
La scelta dell'insegnante
Veronika is truly an outstanding teacher. Through our Czech lessons, she skilfully guides our conversations, supplements the learning with good materials, and diligently reviews my homework, ensuring personalised and effective learning experience. She contributes significantly to my language learning journey!
11 gen 2024
Studente Thomas Silver
Thomas Silver
20 lezione/i di Ceco
La scelta dell'insegnante
Amazing teacher, if you are like me and not sure you can think of something to say in Czech; don't worry! - Veronika always keeps a conversation going, she has lots of interesting life experience and funny anecdotes! She simultaneously makes a vocabulary list of new words and jots down a few mistakes you've made for homework. Highly recommend.
20 apr 2023
Studente Ashley
40 lezione/i di Ceco
La scelta dell'insegnante
I love lessons with Veronika. She is patient with mistakes, and isn't afraid to stray a bit from the lesson plan if we have a conversation going in Czech. She also has a ton of nice materials (links, recommendations, interesting Czech country facts) when you start that can help inspire you to study. She is also flexible in the amount of homework given. My favorite part of most lessons is that we play games which drive home the content from the textbook. Also, having a Google doc with the lesson information is really handy.
22 mar 2023
Studente Martin
4 lezione/i di Ceco
Veronica is a 5 star teacher.
5 apr 2024
Studente josh.auyer
14 lezione/i di Ceco
Veronika is a great teacher and creates helpful lessons.
2 apr 2024
Studente Andrey Polevoy
Andrey Polevoy
10 lezione/i di Ceco
I would like to thank Veronika, she really helped me to upgrade my Czech level and feel more confident. Veronika gives real examples and is always happy to explain if there are any confusions. Highly recommended!
6 feb 2024
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