Klára Kovács

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An empathetic teacher to help you start talking and orientating in the Czech environment 😊
Da Repubblica CecaVive a Budapest, Ungheria (13:38 UTC+01:00)
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Hello, my name is Klára and I come from the Czech Republic. I've a Master's degree in International Relations and Communication from the Prague University of Economics. I moved to Hungary almost 10 years ago and have been learning Hungarian ever since. I'm raising two trilingual children and this has introduced me even more to the world of languages, studying and teaching. I've taken official courses to become a certified teacher of Czech for foreigners. I love travelling, sports, books, wine, but also spending time with my family and working in the garden.

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Czech language for beginners
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Czech language - Intermediate / Advanced
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Czech conversation class
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Czech business language
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11 lezione/i di Ceco
Really like the way Klára teaches Czech. I am still making a lot of mistakes, she thoroughly corrects me and I never feel I made too many of them, in the meantime I can feel my Czech has improved a lot. So I would absolutely recommend Klára for anybody wanting to learn Czech.
4 ott 2023
Makiko Yamagishi
24 lezione/i di Ceco
She is ver professional, and every lesson is motivating! I enjoy learning from her a lot.
6 lug 2023
Makiko Yamagishi
24 lezione/i di Ceco
She is a very nice, patient teacher! I enjoyed learning from her in a relaxed mood.
28 giu 2023
Valeryia Zinouyeva
37 lezione/i di Ceco
Klára is really one of the best language teachers I’ve studied with so far (and I study 3 foreign languages so I have some experience). Her classes have it all - there are fun engaging activities (that never repeat! You never get bored, really), planned grammar and vocab parts that give the structure, and of course, we never forget to have a casual talk and share some laughs. The classes always feel very personalized. There is also a checked homework option to сonsolidate knowledge (handy!). I always look forward to our classes and can totally recommend Klára as a Czech teacher 🙂
17 mag 2023
30 lezione/i di Ceco
The Best Teacher Ever! :D
16 mar 2023
11 lezione/i di Ceco
I've already been studying Czech before lessons with Klára, but after taking some classes with her I've really noticed how my skills started improving (both in communication and grammar). Her explanations are very clear, she always helps to correct your mistakes and explains them, and during lessons she gives some creative tasks in order to both entertain and encourage using new words and constructions. And just in general, Klára is very kind and pleasant person, which makes her lessons even more interesting and enjoyable 😊
13 mar 2023
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