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Beginners welcome! / Get prepared for your Delf/Dalf exams!
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Vous cherchez des cours structurés, professionnels et amusants à la fois? Vous souhaitez obtenir un diplôme Delf, Dalf ou TCF? Ou vous aimeriez tout simplement de pratiquer le français sur des thèmes variés, l’art, la politique, la vie quotidienne, tout en améliorant la prononciation ? Qui suis-je ? Je suis française, originaire de Franche Comté, mais je vis aujourd’hui dans le sud-ouest de la France, près des Pyrénées. Je m’intéresse à l’art, la nature, la politique et je suis passionnée de cuisine.

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540 Recensioni

Studente Salma
7 lezione/i di Francese
La scelta dell'insegnante
I had my first class with Gladys and would highly recommend her! She's very organized, clear, and tailored the lesson to my level. Best of all, she's super nice and easy to talk to, being able to have an engaging conversation made the class really enjoyable. Merci beaucoup Gladys!
10 nov 2022
Studente Irina
80 lezione/i di Francese
La scelta dell'insegnante
Chaque cours avec Gladys, c’est une chance de voyager dans le monde merveilleux de français. C’est un plaisir de prendre les cours avec une professeur brillante et intelligente comme Gladys. Merci Gladys!
2 ott 2020
Studente Doug
10 lezione/i di Francese
La scelta dell'insegnante
Gladys, elle est la meilleure! We talked about so many topics today - I need to continue to work hard, but for the most part was able to make myself unterstood; Gladys will offer corrections where absolutely necessary, but she tailored the session perfectly to my request, which was to work on expressing ideas and practicing my comprehension skill! I strongly recommend her!
2 set 2020
Studente K Laird
K Laird
12 lezione/i di Francese
Always great to have a lesson with Gladys. Very encouraging and motivating
25 giu 2024
Studente K Laird
K Laird
12 lezione/i di Francese
Gladys has helped me prepare for the DELF B2. She’s always helpful and encouraging and gives useful feedback every time. I’ve learnt a lot and really enjoyed the lessons! A brilliant tutor-I definitely recommend!
5 dic 2023
Studente Ken
5 lezione/i di Francese
I really enjoyed my initial lesson in conversational French with Gladys. She is a positive, enthusiastic teacher, and has a wonderful classroom presence. I made many (many) beginner mistakes,but was encouraged to experiment and never felt intimidated. Although this first lesson was purely for assessment and for conversation practice (i.e. was not part of a formal course of instruction) it is evident that Gladys is an experienced and effective language teacher. Highly recommended.
19 ott 2023
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