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DID YOU KNOW that it takes approximately 1100 hours (4 hours per day for 44 weeks) to learn Albanian language? Limited availability in November, December, and January. If you are ​not available during any of the open time-slots, please send me a message and we may be able to find a time that works for both of us. I have been teaching Albanian since March 2014. All of my lessons are to be found on YouTube under the name Learn Albanian Online (www.youtube.com/user/learnalbanianonline). As of March 2023, I have taught over 5000 hours online and over 400 students of all levels from all over the world.

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Learn Gheg Dialect
B1 -  C2


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General Albanian (A1-C2)
A1 -  C2


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Exams for intermediate and advanced level students
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343 Recensioni

Natalie R
68 lezione/i di Albanese
La scelta dell'insegnante
Elson is a fantastic teacher! I am shocked that in just 10 lessons with him I am already reading and speaking in Albanian. He is very patient and teaches according to your learning speed and style. He is one of the best language teachers I have had. Cant recommend him enough!
22 giu 2021
72 lezione/i di Albanese
La scelta dell'insegnante
The most that I like about Elson is his dedication to teach me all aspects of the Albanian language in a consistent manner. He does not rush and wants to make sure I understand every lesson that he teaches me. He does not tire in repeating any grammatical aspect and in the end he makes me feel that it is worth it to learn Albanian.
28 giu 2019
32 lezione/i di Albanese
La scelta dell'insegnante
The best, the best, and again... the best (Albanian) teacher I have ever met online. Today we went over adjectives again, and Elson did everything to make sure that I was comfprtable with them. Thank you so much :)
30 mar 2017
Diana Ive
23 lezione/i di Albanese
Another great lesson. With each lesson I’m more excited & eager to learn as I’m noticing my speaking skills, as well as, overall comprehension of the language are improving. Elson pointed out my progress today which has boosted my confidence immensely. It’s always nice to hear good feedback from your teacher. 10/10 highly recommend Elson!
1 dic 2023
Diana Ive
23 lezione/i di Albanese
Elson is so great at curating a lesson to help in the areas I’m most weak in. Each lesson there’s a new activity different from the last. Which makes me look forward to learning each time.
11 nov 2023
Cole Pollock
5 lezione/i di Albanese
He is really good at teaching!
11 nov 2023
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