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Professional Teacher, graduated from "Turkish Education Department" in a University at Turkey
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Hello there! I am Enes. I am a Turkish teacher who graduated from the Department of Turkish Language Teaching for 4 years. While I was studying at the university, I took diction courses and became interested in theater, which improved my ability to use my voice and oratory well. I turned to the field of writing and wrote 2 theater scripts and various poems. I presented a theater script I wrote to the audience at the university and took part as a director in this process. I lived in Athens, Greece for 1 month with the student exchange program and got to know different cultures. I searched for an answer to the question of how best to learn a language, and I did various readings for it.

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Common Turkish Dialogues Through Chunks for Daily Life
A2 -  B2


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Pacchetto con 14% di sconto
General Turkish Practice
A1 -  C2


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Turkish Vocabulary with Mini Story
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Turkish Grammar
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3 lezione/i di Turco
I practiced telling stories today. Enes helped me make put more details into my story. We repeated the story few times. After the third time I felt like my story telling skill had already improved so much. I will continue to book classes with him. Enes is very special. His ability to use Turkish language beautifully is above other Turkish people. I recommend booking classes with him.
29 ott 2023
Kyle J
21 lezione/i di Turco
I just had my first lesson with Enes, and I would highly recommend him. He is very knowledgeable, spoke very clearly, and was very good at clarifying whenever I had questions or didn't understand something. I liked that we looked at a few concepts, and spent time practicing them a lot. Whether you're getting started or looking to continue your learning, Enes seems like he'll be able to help you in whatever way makes sense for your level!
27 apr 2023
8 lezione/i di Turco
Thank you for a wonderful lesson, Enes! You're a great teacher.
25 apr 2023
8 lezione/i di Turco
Thank you Enes! The lesson was great. You're very helpful and encouraging. Hope to have more lessons with you. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
13 apr 2023
2 lezione/i di Turco
Fun class! Enes is easy to talk to and you can tell he has experience teaching. He was very patient and adapted his speech to my level.
2 apr 2023
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