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Profesora de Español, con mas de 8 años de experiencia.
Da VenezuelaVive a Maracaibo, Venezuela (07:52 UTC-04:00)
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Insegnante di italki dal 21 Oct 2015
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Venezolana. Soy una profesora universitaria y tengo 7 años enseñando español en Linea. Como son mis lecciones? Voy a evaluar tu nivel, identificare tus debilidades y luego preparare lecciones adaptadas a tus necesidades. Gramática, conversación, pronunciación, comprensión. Conexión de Internet muy rápida.

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Studente Ula
44 lezione/i di Spagnolo
La scelta dell'insegnante
Lori is an amazing Spanish teacher who makes learning fun. She's great at making conversations feel natural, even when we're going over grammar. I've noticed a big improvement in my Spanish speaking skills since I started her classes. She makes learning feel less like a chore and more like a fun chat with a friend.
13 gen 2024
Studente William Romero
William Romero
71 lezione/i di Spagnolo
La scelta dell'insegnante
Lorimar is an outstanding educator who demonstrates remarkable professionalism, expertise, compassion, and support. I am thrilled to have her as my Spanish teacher. Her exceptional qualities make her an ideal mentor for language learning, and I am confident that she will greatly enrich my educational journey.
2 ago 2023
Studente rockport.julie
47 lezione/i di Spagnolo
La scelta dell'insegnante
This is my first lesson ever in Spanish other than alone using an app on my phone. I was nervous about speaking before we started but Lorimar made the lesson fun and comfortable. She is very patient and friendly and took things at a pace that was right for me. Since this was our trial lesson I didn't get a chance to see what her homework will be like, but if it's as well organized as she was in our lesson I'm sure it will be very helpful. I look forward to becoming more proficient in Spanish with her help and am scheduling future lessons soon!
7 giu 2023
Studente Scott
5 lezione/i di Spagnolo
Nosotros practicamos conversacion con un videoclip que inspira pensamiento y discusion de topicas intersantes. Gracias, otra vez!
15 apr 2024
Studente rockport.julie
47 lezione/i di Spagnolo
Lorimar uses different methods to teach. Sometimes we do short videos to allow us to have specific topics to talk about and for me to practice listening to others' speech in addition to her's among other fun activities. I very much enjoy our lessons and I find myself relaxed and laughing as we to the lessons.
2 apr 2024
Studente Adam Longino
Adam Longino
4 lezione/i di Spagnolo
I really enjoyed my lesson. I felt very comfortable and Lorimar took the time to assess my skills and understand my goals.
30 mar 2024
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