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Luis Gutierrez

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Venezuelan Journalist. Learning is an Enriching Experience, not a path of thorns and perfection.
Da VenezuelaVive a Caracas, Venezuela (17:50 UTC-04:00)
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Insegnante di italki dal 24 May 2016
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Hello, my name is Luis Gutiérrez, I'm a Venezuelan journalist and a photographer. I'm 31 years old and I've been teaching Spanish and English since i was 17 years old. I'm looking for basic, intermediate and advanced students in Spanish. I have a lot of experience teaching grammar and having conversations about culture, studies, business or any topic you would like to talk about. I also can help you with test preparation. I love languages specially teaching Spanish because is the most extensive and rich language around the world. Please feel free to contact me, I would like to help you. Thank you very much.

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748 Recensioni

Studente Donna Goode
Donna Goode
66 lezione/i di Spagnolo
La scelta dell'insegnante
This lesson was incredible!! I am truly learning how to effectively use Spanish properly. Luis is an amazing instructor that really cares about his students. He truly goes above and beyond to ensure that not only do his students learn what is needed, but that they can apply effectively and immediately. My Spanish has grown leaps and bounds within the past 6 months of working with Luis!!
15 dic 2021
Studente Mike Moreno
Mike Moreno
14 lezione/i di Spagnolo
La scelta dell'insegnante
Luis is great at teaching while still having a friendly conversation. He has the ability to casually talk about anything with you while still working the day's lesson into the conversation. That helps so much with learning and retaining new information.
17 mag 2021
Studente Ross Hyde
Ross Hyde
21 lezione/i di Inglese
La scelta dell'insegnante
Me and Luis had a really good lesson and he gave me confidence in my language speaking. He is organised has lesson plans to fit the needs of anymore. Really patient and has abreast sense of humour to help you feel relaxed into the lesson! Didn't really want the lesson to end! Professionalism of the highest standard and worth every penny!
29 dic 2016
Studente Donna Goode
Donna Goode
66 lezione/i di Spagnolo
Great lesson! Conversation and assignment really helped me to use complex Spanish in real time.
20 mar 2024
Studente Phoebe
7 lezione/i di Spagnolo
Genial! Divertido y muy útil!
5 mar 2024
Studente mike.irving
15 lezione/i di Spagnolo
Great first class. Thanks Luis.
14 feb 2024
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