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Certified Spanish teacher and expert in DELE / SIELE / OPI / AP - I'm ready to help you at any level
Da VenezuelaVive a Maracaibo, Venezuela (11:16 UTC-04:00)
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I'm Caro :) and I'm Venezuelan. I have more than six years of Spanish teaching experince, in all this time, knowing new people is the most interesting thing in my job! I really like to share our culture, customs, thoughts and in that way help you express all your interests to native Spanish speakers. My goal is that you can improve your Spanish and to be able to comunicate in spanish. I'm learning a lenguage to and I know some times is very dificult to advance, but don't worry, I'm very patient and I love my job, trust me, with me you will improve your level of Spanish in the most dynamic and fun way possible, take a class with me and discover how great it is to learn a new language.

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Even after many lessons I am very satisfied with Carolina. She is always in a good mood, motivated and patient. When I have questions about grammar, she always gives clear, concrete explanations with examples. In our conversations, she is a patient listener, but also knows how to tell interesting things. I would like to emphasize that Carolia takes her job very seriously, is very professional but also sensitive. Although the situation in the country does not always make it easy for her, it never happened that lessons were simply cancelled for no apparent reason or that she did not show up.
4 feb 2021
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I have been taking practice sessions for Spanish with Señora Carolina for three weeks now and I am so impressed with her teaching! After three weeks, I can now speak more fluently and only make a few mistakes in my sentences. Señora Carolina is incredibly patient and understanding and is very good at explaining difficult concepts simply. She also gives the context for each word, so that I know when or when not to use them. She pushes you to do your best, by giving homework to practice writing, videos to practice listening and asks you questions to practice speaking. She also always makes sure that even if there was a delay in the class, you get your full time. She is an amazing teacher and I highly recommend her!
9 mag 2020
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Thank you Carolina, I learned new words, your internet connection is very good, and you have a very clear pronunciation, it helps a lot !
5 nov 2016
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Carolina was very good. It was only a trial lesson but I think that the information she gave me will be very helpful for me. I have one more trial lesson with a teacher but I think Carolina might be the one I use.
17 set 2023
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I really enjoyed my first lesson with Carolina. She is articulate and knowledgeable and had great insights on where best to focus to improve my Spanish.
6 set 2023
Georgia P
3 lezione/i di Spagnolo
really enjoyable lesson!
4 set 2023
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