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Native German Tutor / specializing in various exam preparations from A1 to C2 / all ages
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Hi everyone, My name is Patricia. I am originally from Berlin, born and raised. Now I live in New Zealand. I am looking forward to chatting with anyone in the world who would like to learn or improve their German. There is no better way to learn a language than speaking to a native speaker on a regular basis! I am a very diverse, optimistic, confident, real, relaxed, patient, articulate, gentle, understanding, good energy, balanced, helpful, and with passion for history, fitness, food, travel, science, personal development, freedom of speech, nutrition, outdoors, health, human rights and much more. You may appreciate that I am quite familiar with tiny homes/container houses :)

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CONVERSATION PRACTICE > informal (Kids, Teens & Adults)
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STRUCTURED > Intensiv lesson beyond conversation (Kids, Teens & Adults): Beginner/Advanced, PRÜFUNGSVORBEREITUNG (Exam Preparation), Business German, BEWERBUNG (Job Application, Interview...))
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GROUP LESSON - CONVERSATION: for couples, friends, workmates, classmates, family, etc.
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Studente Andy M
Andy M
7 lezione/i di Tedesco
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Ich würde allen Lernenden auf italki eine Unterrichtsstunde mit Patricia empfehlen. Meiner Erfahrung nach ist Patricia eine der besten Lehrer*innen auf dieser App. Hilfreich, intelligent, zuverlässig, direkt, unterstützend: alles, was man von einem/einer Lehrer/in braucht.
9 mar 2023
Studente Autumn
80 lezione/i di Tedesco
La scelta dell'insegnante
Patricia is really an amazing teacher ! She is very intuitive and able to adapt to your personal learning goals. At the start, I was unsure about what level of german proficiency I was at. We decided to brush up on a few things like grammar and pronunciation and then Patricia helped me prepare to take the A2 Goethe Exam. We focused mainly on practicing speaking and writing together, but Patricia also went over the structure of the exam and sent me plenty of resources and materials to go through in my free time :) After the exam (which I passed with a 97!), Patricia helped me determine what steps to take next. We decided it would be best to work through B1 while mixing in different concepts from B2 and C1. Together we discussed a whole range of topics. I always enjoyed the conversations we had and the thoughtful explanations and feedback Patricia always gave me :) I can only recommend choosing Patricia as your teacher !
3 set 2022
Studente Andrew
28 lezione/i di Tedesco
La scelta dell'insegnante
Patricia is a great teacher. She is familiar with the small nuances of German, and can readily point out mistakes and imprecision. Because of her proficiency with both German and English, she is great at finding the best ways to formulate exactly what you want to express. She explains things well, and has had many insightful experiences as a longtime language learner herself, which enables her to understand and sympathize what you are going through in terms of language learning and the difficulties that sometimes arise out of it. Most of all, she is encouraging yet truthful, qualities one should be looking for in a language teacher. My spoken German has improved significantly with her being my main conversational tutor. I definitely recommend that you go and book a lesson with her!
4 ago 2020
Studente Paula Warrick
Paula Warrick
3 lezione/i di Tedesco
I enjoyed my lesson with Patricia very much—she is very empathetic and patient. She provided helpful corrections without disrupting the flow of our conversations and engaged me on a number of different topics.
12 lug 2024
Studente Hikaru
21 lezione/i di Tedesco
Was heute ich gelernt habe, sind der Rest der vorherigen Konjunktiv 2 Übungen und die Erklärung der nächsten Einheit, „zu+Infinitiv. Meinen nächsten Unterricht wird in zwei Wochen sein, also werde ich wiederholen, was ich heute gelernt habe. Ich habe keine Chance, Deutsch im wirklichen Leben zu verwenden. Also denke ich, dass wichtig ist, es auch nur ein wenig zu sehen und zuhören. Auch wenn es eine wirklich kurze Zeit ist.
7 lug 2024
Studente Paula Warrick
Paula Warrick
3 lezione/i di Tedesco
Patricia had read my goals before the lesson and came prepared with notes and ideas as to how to get started (this was my first lesson with iTalki, but I have taken courses on another platform for a number of years). She demonstrated genuine interest in my interests and did a great job of eliciting discussion while also encouraging me and providng helpful corrections.
3 lug 2024
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