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Da GermaniaVive a Strasbourg, Francia (05:22 UTC+02:00)
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Insegnante di italki dal 29 Oct 2021
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UPDATE: I'm thrilled to share that I'm expecting a baby and will be on maternity leave from November onwards. I don't have a return date yet. I want to express my heartfelt thanks for your dedication and enthusiasm. I'll miss our lessons and look forward to reconnecting in the future. Guten Tag! I was born and raised in the south-west of Germany. For my studies, I moved to Leipzig, where I obtained my Bachelor's and Master’s degree in German as a Foreign and Second Language. I live in Strasbourg, France.

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USD 25.00+
Deutsch Konversation
B1 -  C2


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USD 29.00+
Pacchetto con 7% di sconto
Deutschunterricht für Erwachsene / General German Class for Adults
A1 -  B1


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USD 29.00+
Pacchetto con 6% di sconto
Deutschunterricht für Jugendliche (10-16 Jahre) / General German Class for Teenagers (aged 10-16)
A1 -  B1


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USD 29.00+
Pacchetto con 6% di sconto
Deutsch für Kinder (ab 5) / German for Children (5+ ys.)
A1 -  B1


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Pacchetto con 6% di sconto


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23 Recensioni

Studente Isabel
47 lezione/i di Tedesco
La scelta dell'insegnante
The class with Miriam was amazing. My daughter absolutely loved it. She has lots of resources and ideas of activites to do and she is really good at interacting with children. We can't wait for the next class.
12 nov 2021
Studente Ali Hoyle
Ali Hoyle
12 lezione/i di Tedesco
La scelta dell'insegnante
Superb lesson with Miriam. The content is consolidated into an accessible format that draws together all strands of learning a language. I felt that the development that I currently need requires a professional teacher and after this lesson I realise why it is worthwhile to pay a little bit more.
10 nov 2021
Studente Victor BAHL
Victor BAHL
41 lezione/i di Tedesco
La scelta dell'insegnante
Miriam was really nice and organized. She listened to my needs and goals very carefully. She showed me the different tools and materials we are going to use and the plan she has for me. I'm looking forward to continuing learning with her.
4 nov 2021
Studente Mari
1 lezione/i di Tedesco
Miriam and I sat down for a trial lesson to discuss my goals and her course content. What I love about her teaching material, is that it's interactive and great for a visual learner. Based on our conversation, I can see that she has structured her classes well, and I enjoy the flexibility I have for deciding how often I can take classes. In between, I can complete classes via a platform that's key part of her teaching material.
7 mar 2023
Studente Alan Samakkaew
Alan Samakkaew
52 lezione/i di Tedesco
Miriam knows best how to teach children. Her teaching materials include videos and games and it makes my son (Alan) keeps focusing on the lesson. He always says after the class that he’s having fun and he loves studying with teacher Miriam. She’s patient, and friendly and speaks at the right pace to make Alan understand. After learning German with her, Alan is now able to understand and respond with basic German. I’m sure his German will get better and better soon. Thank you, Miriam! 🙂
28 set 2022
Studente Cecilia Moretti
Cecilia Moretti
48 lezione/i di Tedesco
Miriam has been teaching my sons for the past few months and they enjoyed every lesson. Even though it is not easy to keep up with two 10 years old boys for one hour, Miriam always found a way to make the lesson fun and enjoyable. I absolutely recommend her for kids.
19 lug 2022
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