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Spanish & Portuguese at the same time - Fitness/Martial Arts - Women's Rights & LGBTIQA+
Da BrasileVive a Sao Paulo, Brasile (04:02 UTC-03:00)
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Oi! Hi! Hola! Ciao! Hallo! I am a language lover and certified professional teacher from São Paulo, Brazil. As a language learner myself, I can totally relate to your struggles as a student. Embarrassing yourself in public while trying to speak a foreign language? Been there, done that! Can adults learn a foreign language? Yes! Can you learn a foreign language without leaving your country? Yes! Can introverts learn a foreign language? Absolutely! I did it, you can too! I have taught more than 3000 lessons to students from all over the world with the most diverse backgrounds! I deeply care about my students, so I'll adapt my lessons to your needs.

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Nanda informed me in our lesson yesterday that we have now done 100 lessons together. Time flies! It is an indication of how good a teacher she is, and the positivity and creativity that she brings to her lessons, that I had no idea we had done so many - no two lessons have been the same, and they have all been lively and interesting. Nanda uses a variety of methods - videos, song lyrics, passages to translate, etc, etc, etc - so she can find a lesson format that will work for any student. Nanda is quite simply an excellent teacher, and I can't recommend her highly enough to anyone who wants to learn in a fun, relaxed way.
6 apr 2023
Trent Lott
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Nanda has been such a huge help to me. I feel like I’m finally making progress in my Spanish education! She makes the lessons fun while at the same time keeping me in line so I don’t form bad habits with grammar and pronunciation. I swear the hour lessons fly by! She also stays on me if I don’t schedule for a bit so that I don’t fall out of good habits of consistency which we all know is key. Thank you nanda!
12 mag 2022
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I started learning with Nanda 9 months ago, speaking almost no Portuguese and a bit nervous about online lessons. I can now have conversations with my Brazilian friends on a wide variety of topics, and understand all sorts of Portuguese movies and TV shows. Nanda is excellent at explaining grammar, everyday speech and culture in an easy to understand, relaxed manner that doesn't feel like a classroom. She always comes prepared with engaging activities suited to my level and is endlessly supportive and patient when I make mistakes (often repeatedly) or struggle to express a certain concept. The best part is: the lessons are genuinely fun! They are a good mix of conversation and structure, so it's never too repetitive, plus the conversation gives me heaps of practice to get the most out of what I've learned. Thank you Nanda, I look forward to our next lesson!
12 feb 2022
Osmar Velasco
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Muy buena la forma de enseñanza y buen material de ayuda.
31 gen 2024
56 lezione/i di Portoghese
I've been working with Nanda for over a year, and the lessons continue to be interesting, relevant, and fresh. She personalizes the lessons based on my interests, and we never run of out of interesting topics to discuss. Nanda prepares useful exercises for practicing reading, writing, and listening skills. I'm really enjoying studying Portuguese with her and continuing to improve.
3 gen 2024
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Nanda is such an amazing language teacher, and by far the best language teacher I have ever had. Lessons are fun and very well prepared, with variation in the tasks and activities so you never get bored. I feel like have learned so much in such a short amount of time with Nanda, and I would recommend her lessons for anyone who wants to learn one the languages she teaches.
31 dic 2023
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