Aine Wade

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Grammar & Pronunciation Expert
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I have been teaching English for over two decades and am passionate about my work. I have also worked in sales and marketing so have a good understanding of what general & business English learners need. I currently teach English, business and IT to English language learners at a third level state college but would like to offer a few classes per week privately on italki. I have spent the last year and a half teaching college classes online during the pandemic, so have plenty of experience with digital teaching and learning.

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USD 15.00+
Upper Intermediate to Advanced Mixed Class. Conversation/Grammar/Pronunciation
B2 -  C1


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USD 17.50+
Pacchetto con 3% di sconto
60 minute Conversation & Correction/pronunciation (Lower Intermediate to Advanced level)
B1 -  B2


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USD 17.50+
Pacchetto con 3% di sconto
Interview Preparation & Practise ALL INDUSTRIES
B1 -  C2


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USD 35.00
Pacchetto con 2% di sconto
Life Coaching through English
B2 -  C2


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USD 17.00+
Pacchetto con 6% di sconto


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I have been taking English lessons with Aine for a long time now, and she is the best teacher I have ever had. She is caring and enthusiastic, and she always makes lessons fun and engaging. We work on expanding my vocabulary, practicing grammar, and improving my pronunciation. Aine is also very patient and supportive, and she always encourages me to do my best. I feel like I can talk to Aine about anything. She is smart, open-minded, and curious. She always creates a safe and welcoming learning environment where I feel comfortable asking questions and making mistakes. I highly recommend Aine to anyone looking for a great English teacher. She is a skilled and experienced professional who is passionate about helping her students succeed.
16 ott 2023
Vlad Semak
59 lezione/i di Inglese
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Aine makes every lesson incredibly engaging and useful. You can always ask to explore a specific topic or just chat. I am very happy with the progress I have made thanks to Aine's lessons.
16 ago 2023
joanna wa
138 lezione/i di Inglese
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I can honestly say that Aine is the best English teacher I have ever met. She is very experienced, has massive knowledge and has many tools to help her students. I have expanded my vocabulary because her wonderful approach, she just simply makes me talk. I have been studying English for 20 years and have met many English teachers, but none of them has been anything like Aine. I feel very lucky that I have found her on itaki.
14 apr 2022
Elli Cinert
1 lezione/i di Inglese
Based on the trial lesson, I can say that Aine is very nice, kind and supportive. She is very organized and stuck to what I set as learning goals. I think she has excellent teaching skills.
26 feb 2024
Yanina Michukova
25 lezione/i di Inglese
Aine is the best English teacher I've ever had. I really like her approach to teaching, energy she puts into the classes and a very flexible approach to the the class structure. Highly recommend!
18 feb 2024
1 lezione/i di Inglese
Thank you Aine, it was a pleasure meeting you! I appreciate your feedback and all your useful advice.
16 nov 2023
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