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Dr. Ahmed

Insegnante professionista
Arabo (egiziano)
Arabo (standard moderno)
Da EgittoVive a Cairo, Egitto (16:19 UTC+03:00)
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Insegnante di italki dal 20 Mar 2019
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my name is Ahmed gad, from Egypt. I am a native speaker of Arabic language. I graduated from Dar Al Uloom, A college specialized in Arabic language and Islamic studies. I got my my B.A in 2007 ( Arabic language specialist ). I have a Master's in linguistics in 2014. I have a doctorate degree in linguistics in 2018. I have three languages Arabic, English and Hebrew. I have four years experience in language teaching.

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Modern Standard Arabic MSA
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Arabic media
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Arabic grammar
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conversation through stories
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Egyptian dialect
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The Holy Quran
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203 Recensioni

Studente Claudia
36 lezione/i di Arabo
La scelta dell'insegnante
Ahmed is very instructive and extremely supportive throughout the whole class. He is also very well prepared and ensures a well-structured course. He is always trying his best to help you out accordingly to your goals and objectives. I highly recommend him if you want a serious yet fun way of learning arabic.
2 ago 2021
Studente Zoljargal Neumann
Zoljargal Neumann
140 lezione/i di Arabo
La scelta dell'insegnante
Really appreciate Dr. Ahmed’s lessions! I truely benefit a lot from his methods and instructional advices. Today’s lession was excellent. Even if the subject was very important and actually complicated, his explanation was very clear. Because no one has pointed out the problems before like him. Dr. Ahmed is really professional and masters his field. I learned so much. Thank you very much!
8 apr 2021
Studente Przemek
21 lezione/i di Arabo
La scelta dell'insegnante
It was my first lesson with Dr. Ahmed. I like it very much. Very instructive . Dr. Ahmed explains all new words and concepts in an extensive and clear way. He is very engaged and ethusiastic. I will definitely have more lessons with him to learn and practice.
7 mar 2021
Studente Mohammed Munem
Mohammed Munem
2 lezione/i di Arabo
I hit it off with Dr Ahmed straight away. I was very clear about my goals and he presented material that perfectly aligned with my level and I'm looking forward to further lessons with him.
15 mag 2024
Studente Javid Abbasov
Javid Abbasov
6 lezione/i di Arabo
Perfect MashaAllah!
12 apr 2024
Studente Aaron Husbands
Aaron Husbands
1 lezione/i di Arabo
The perfect teacher!
5 mar 2024
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