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Gabriela Fialová

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Passionate teacher with 10 years of experience 🇨🇿👩🏼‍💻
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I am Gabi and I'm delighted to see you here! As you heard in the video, I have studied Teaching for Primary School, and I thoroughly enjoy teaching something new. I have experience teaching Czech to foreign and immigrant children. I delved into this topic in Finland, where I discovered many interesting teaching methods and engaged students in their studies. I spent 3 years working in the USA, where I made numerous friends and honed my English skills. I also fulfilled my dream of living in New Zealand, where I worked as well. In my free time, I enjoy listening to music, watching movies, and going out with friends. I'm passionate about zero waste, preserving our beautiful planet and animals.

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Czech for begginers
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Czech Conversation
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Gabi, you have the patience of a saint I really don’t know how you do it!.... You are so engaged and supportive making every one of my lessons feel like you are personally interested in my learning. It’s wonderful to feel that someone is investing so much of themselves to a point that I actually forget I’m not your only student. I really don’t know how you manage it but its absolutely fantastic to read all the amazing comments your students leave you. All of them are in the same vein and it’s staggering to see that you make each and everyone of us feel so special.... so I just wanted to say a great big thank you !! Have a lovely weekend.
19 mar 2021
Studente Claudia
18 lezione/i di Ceco
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Gabriela is an excellent teacher. I definitely feel like I have a better grasp on the Czech language after several weeks of lessons. I highly recommend reaching out!
18 mag 2020
Studente LEWIS
35 lezione/i di Ceco
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I have been learning czech with Gabriella for a couple of weeks now. I love our lessons because shes extremely approachable and friendly. We click really well and have a lot of fun and laughter, it’s simply easy to speak czech with her. Would definitely recommend
2 apr 2020
Studente Bobby
1 lezione/i di Ceco
Great introduction to Czech!
17 apr 2024
Studente Diego Ahogado
Diego Ahogado
5 lezione/i di Ceco
Very well prepared and kind teacher, oriented to look into your learning needs and accordingly address the class.
27 feb 2024
Studente Gary Tasev
Gary Tasev
10 lezione/i di Ceco
Gabriela seems to be a really nice person and patient with my poor language skills. I am eager to learn czech with her!
25 ott 2023
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