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🎧Input and Output 🗣 the easiest way to learn a language📚❗️
Da VenezuelaVive a Maracay, Venezuela (05:07 UTC-04:00)
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👋Hi there little learners!, My name is Metsly! and I´m from Venezuela. I consider myself a empathetic, fun and, interesting person. I love: 💻Watching animes. 🎹 Playing the piano. ✍️Drawing. 📚 Learning languages and so forth. 👀 Two facts about me is that sometimes when I 🎧 listen to classical or instrumental music I pretend to be the conductor or when I learn a new piece I think that Frederic Chopin is the one who is explaining me how to play the piece. Also, I´m stuyding Social Media Marketing and I´m learning english by my own for my studies📝.

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🗣¡Mejora tu pronunciación en el menor tiempo posible y aprende a leer conmigo! 🗣/ 📢 Improve your pronunciation in the shortest possible time and learn to read with me❗️
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📚 ¡Español para nivel Principiante e Intermedio!/ 📚 Spanish for A1-A2 and B1-B2❕
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Working with Metsly is a blast!!!! She is patient, and willing to go over things until I get an understanding of the material. I will definitely book more lessons with her!
6 mar 2023
Martin Procházka
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Si tu meta es cagarte de risa y practicar el Español al mismo tiempo reserva una clase con Metsly 🔥 Y si no, resérvala igual 😉
28 ott 2022
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Esta profesora es la mejor, porque siempre tiene los recursos para ayudarme con mi pronunciación, y también tiene bien ejercicios para practicar.
26 ott 2022
pap Wilson
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The best teacher I ever had!!!she work with u make sure u getting everything u need to reach your goal..
8 giu 2023
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Metsly is a very energetic and enthusiastic teacher and highly recommended! I am a totally beginner in Spanish, so she taught me from the most basic. in the first lesson we learned the pronunciation of letters, in the second lesson we practiced the spelling and pronunciation of letters and learned how to introduce ourselves. We will continue learning in the next lesson. In addition, I must say that because my network is sometimes unstable, it will interrupt our original schedule, once our class has been going on for almost twenty minutes, but my network crashed and could not connect the audio and camera again, Metsly very generously suggested that I can rebook another class, she did not want to waste my money because of the bad connection. And I'm very greatful for that. Even though it disrupted her original schedule, she wasn't unhappy at all. She's really very nice. Looking forward to our next lesson!
8 giu 2023
pap Wilson
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One of the best teachers on here
29 mag 2023
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