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Da BelgioVive a La Paz, Messico (05:45 UTC-07:00)
Enjoying helping you for more than 3 years on Italki by giving you all my experience and my energy!
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HI ! I WILL BE OFF FROM 19TH OF DECEMBER TO 20TH OF JANUARY TO GO BACK TO BELGIUM AND ENJOY TIME WITH MY FAMILY. I WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR AND I WILL SEE YOU SOON ! IT’S ALREADY POSSIBLE TO BOOK CLASSES FOR WHEN I'M BACK ;) I'm belgian 🇧🇪 but expatriate to Mexico 🇲🇽. By my choice of life you can tell that I love travels, culture and languages. Living abroad raised the interest in me of the importance of foreign languages, which is why I love to teach my beautiful own language, french 🇨🇵. I do love travels and culture but I'm also interested in actuality, lecture and cinema, among others. I'm curious and always ready to talk about new subjects.

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Conversation with corrections
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Learn the structure (grammar, tenses, orthograph, ...) of French
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J'ai commencé comme débutant sans aucune connaissance de la langue française, mais grâce à Valérie en cinq mois je suis passé au niveau élémentaire (je pense que je suis ici). J'espère atteindre l'intermédiaire complet d'ici la fin de l'année pour avoir une conversation fluide. Je la recommanderais comme enseignante car elle pourrait améliorer vos compétences linguistiques avec professionnalisme et plaisir. Profitez de vos leçons ! Au revoir !
27 giu 2022
Shari Perlman
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Valerie is a great teacher. She customizes my lesson to my needs and interest in addition is reliable, organized and professional. I would check all the boxes for her.
5 apr 2022
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I have been taking lessons with Valérie for over a year and I attribute a great deal of my progress in French to her wonderfully efficient and pragmatic approach to the language. She is fun, patient and accommodating; the lessons are always productive and interesting. Merci beaucoup Valérie !!
13 apr 2021
Cynthia Zhuang
42 lezione/i di Francese
Merci pour un bonne lesson. Glad you're back from vacation. Great conversation as usual.
27 gen 2023
Carl Pickerill
1 lezione/i di Francese
Excellent session. Interesting and lively discussions. Valerie is perceptive of peoples’ interest and level of French and is clearly adept at responding to the student’s needs and interests and facilitating conversation. Look forward to the next time.
26 gen 2023
Shreya Jain
1 lezione/i di Francese
she didn't make any plan for me rude behavior i want a teacher who understands my needs and make a plan for me
26 gen 2023
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