Lambert Girardin

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Canadian Army Officer, B.A in Political Science and History, Quadrilingual and Experienced tutor.
Da CanadaVive a Montreal, Canada (10:35 UTC-04:00)
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Mon nom est Lambert Girardin, j'ai 22 ans et je viens de la province du Québec, au Canada. Je suis officier d'infanterie dans les Forces Armées Canadiennes et gradué du Collège militaire royal du Canada en sciences politiques ainsi qu'en histoire. Je parle le français, l'anglais et l'espagnol et l'allemand. My name is Lambert Girardin, I am 22 years old and I come from the province of Quebec, Canada. I am an infantry officer in the Canadian Armed Forces and graduated from the Royal Military College of Canada in political science as well as in history. I speak French, English and Spanish and German.

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Lambert is an excellent teacher. Super well-organized, attentive, and focused on helping with problem areas while having a really interesting discussion. Strongly recommend !
28 apr 2022
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It’s a pleasure learning French with Lambert. Lambert is kind, easy-going and patient with a penchant for creating engaging lesson plans. His flexibility and adaptability skills are some of his biggest assets as, even with a well-tailored lesson plan, he isn’t afraid to go “off script” to better adapt to your unique goals, interests and level of French. Lambert understands the subtleties around when to allow students to speak uninterrupted to increase confidence level vs when it’s necessary to interject with corrections to facilitate progress. He doesn’t hesitate to explain key concepts in English when necessary and takes the time to write down any words, expressions etc. that you may be struggling with in the chat function to maximize understanding and retention. This is something I have come to really appreciate as it allows me to review our lessons at a later time. Merci pour tout, Lambert. -Nishanti
22 feb 2022
Robert Burke
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Learning with Lambert: To begin: Book your time with him early and often. 20 + hours in and here are some things you should know about learning French with Lambert. The first is that he is an extraordinarily gifted teacher. I taught at the university level for 10 years. There are a few people who are "born" teachers. Lambert is one of them. He knows his stuff and, more importantly, follows his intuition. Lambert meets you wherever you're at and pushes just enough to make you *want* to take chances. I didn't even realize he was pushing; I was having too much fun working with him! Now I recognize it, but I'm pushing him to push me! And that's the other thing to know about Lambert. He's a lot of fun. In this cramped, Covid world, he has an irrepressible *joie de vivre" and he uses it in teaching. Lambert can talk about anything...and all the while he's inserting a lesson into the conversation. I can actually feel my brain working, making connections.
10 gen 2022
1 lezione/i di Inglese
La clase con Lambert a pesar de ser una clase de prueba me ha parecido muy interesante. Es una persona muy organizado y con experiencia.
18 set 2023
28 lezione/i di Francese
always a good time when it comes to having a lesson with lambert. sometimes there are laughs, sometimes there are heavier subjects. but this gives opportunity to practice more complicated words in french! thanks for the awesome lesson!
16 set 2023
28 lezione/i di Francese
another very fun lesson! as a very anxious person, i am super super comfortable in lambert’s lessons and i always look forward to his lessons as it’s always a blast to learn french with him and laugh a long the way. thanks for the lesson!
13 set 2023
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