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Certified 5+ years profesor ESPAÑOL ELE / EL2
Da VenezuelaVive a Miami, Stati Uniti (04:04 UTC-04:00)
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Insegnante di italki dal 15 Oct 2019
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You have as many souls as the languages you speak. 🖤 At the age of 22, I missed the opportunity to work in the oil industry outside of my country. I was a dedicated engineer, but I didn't speak English 😞 😢 Venezuela plunged into a terrible crisis 😶, and I remained here, regretting not leaving earlier. ⭐️ I decided to learn English. I couldn't leave anymore, but I was certain that there was much to be done. 😃 Honestly, I believe you have as many souls as the languages you know. A new language is like flipping a switch to a different way of thinking. ♥️ I love learning, and teaching Spanish is one of my joyful pursuits. I never strayed from what I love, which is why I teach.

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Guide to pronounce CORRECTLY in Spanish - Guia para pronunciar CORRECTAMENTE en español. Practiquemos la fluidez y buena pronunciación. Ejercicios con palabras y movimientos de la boca
A1 -  C2


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Plan de trabajo / workplan ... Selecciona un paquete de lecciones para incrementar tus habilides
A1 -  C2


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Pacchetto con 2% di sconto
🎯 A1 / A2 Empecemos a usar el español ... Let's start using Spanish.
A1 -  A2


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Studente ana clara pelliciari
ana clara pelliciari
43 lezione/i di Spagnolo
La scelta dell'insegnante
¡Siempre me divierto en las clases con Orlando! ¡Es muy bien informado, divertido, amable y tiene un humor increíble! 10/10 recommend to anyone learning Spanish beginner or advanced!
2 set 2020
Studente Luke
60 lezione/i di Spagnolo
La scelta dell'insegnante
Orlando expliquó el pluscuamperfecto en una manera muy sencilla y efectiva. Puedo usarlo mucho mas fluidamente ahora. Gracías a tí!
22 ago 2020
Studente Radhi Ryan
Radhi Ryan
13 lezione/i di Spagnolo
La scelta dell'insegnante
Today's trial lesson went super well! It was filled with laughter and was so much fun! I loved how Orlando has a structure for his lessons. We spent a few minutes discussing the structure and also talking about what will happen in future lessons. I like that he speaks at a comfortable speed for me, and at the same time enunciating his words clearly! I'm still quite surprised that I am able to understand everything he said nearly perfectly~ Orlando is a very cheerful person and he seems very patient too! He allows me to speak and he waits before correcting me. A very good first experience with Orlando! I cannot wait for more lessons with him. Muchísimas gracias por tu tiempo hoy, Orlando~ Fue muy divertido y no dudo que voy a aprender muchas cosas contigo!! Para serle sincero, todavía no he acostumbrado de tutearle a alguien pero voy a practicarlo mucho jajaja Cuídate 🌸🌸
8 giu 2020
Studente Megan
4 lezione/i di Spagnolo
I appreciate how prepared Orlando always is for lessons with creative exercises to practice the grammar point and reinforce the topic in unique and fun ways.
24 mag 2024
Studente kaya.alexxx
1 lezione/i di Spagnolo
+ I only Just finished my lesson with Orlando and I honestly have never felt more comfortable or understood before. I raised my wants for what I wanted to learn and he jumped straight in. He brought a great lesson plana and structure specific to me and had the EXACT teaching style I need for entering B1. He also was really patient with me during a geography game, which i was terrible at, but he helped me along and laughed with me. Couldn't recommend him more! can't wait for the next lesson! Esta lección era perfecta para mí, me lo encanta. Estoy emocionada aprender de él en el futuro. Me apoya en español y es muy claro cuando habla, entiendo casi cada palabra. Gracias por todo y lo siento por mí geografía... es terrible. Pero eso aparate, no puedo esperar por mí lección proxima.
21 mag 2024
Studente Mylaine
28 lezione/i di Spagnolo
Orlando is awesome! He asks great questions and has really helped me to improve my vocabulary. I enjoy our chats and I 100% recommend him to anyone wanting to improve their language skills.
20 mag 2024
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