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Certified 5+ years profesor ESPAÑOL ELE / EL2
Da VenezuelaVive a Miami, Stati Uniti (06:16 UTC-04:00)
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Insegnante di italki dal 15 Oct 2019
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You have as many souls as the languages you speak. 🖤 At the age of 22, I missed the opportunity to work in the oil industry outside of my country. I was a dedicated engineer, but I didn't speak English 😞 😢 Venezuela plunged into a terrible crisis 😶, and I remained here, regretting not leaving earlier. ⭐️ I decided to learn English. I couldn't leave anymore, but I was certain that there was much to be done. 😃 Honestly, I believe you have as many souls as the languages you know. A new language is like flipping a switch to a different way of thinking. ♥️ I love learning, and teaching Spanish is one of my joyful pursuits. I never strayed from what I love, which is why I teach.

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Guide to pronounce CORRECTLY in Spanish - Guia para pronunciar CORRECTAMENTE en español. Practiquemos la fluidez y buena pronunciación. Ejercicios con palabras y movimientos de la boca
A1 -  C2


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Plan de trabajo / workplan ... Selecciona un paquete de lecciones para incrementar tus habilides
A1 -  C2


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🎯 A1 / A2 Empecemos a usar el español ... Let's start using Spanish.
A1 -  A2


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Studente ana clara pelliciari
ana clara pelliciari
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La scelta dell'insegnante
¡Siempre me divierto en las clases con Orlando! ¡Es muy bien informado, divertido, amable y tiene un humor increíble! 10/10 recommend to anyone learning Spanish beginner or advanced!
2 set 2020
Studente Luke
60 lezione/i di Spagnolo
La scelta dell'insegnante
Orlando expliquó el pluscuamperfecto en una manera muy sencilla y efectiva. Puedo usarlo mucho mas fluidamente ahora. Gracías a tí!
22 ago 2020
Studente Radhi Ryan
Radhi Ryan
13 lezione/i di Spagnolo
La scelta dell'insegnante
Today's trial lesson went super well! It was filled with laughter and was so much fun! I loved how Orlando has a structure for his lessons. We spent a few minutes discussing the structure and also talking about what will happen in future lessons. I like that he speaks at a comfortable speed for me, and at the same time enunciating his words clearly! I'm still quite surprised that I am able to understand everything he said nearly perfectly~ Orlando is a very cheerful person and he seems very patient too! He allows me to speak and he waits before correcting me. A very good first experience with Orlando! I cannot wait for more lessons with him. Muchísimas gracias por tu tiempo hoy, Orlando~ Fue muy divertido y no dudo que voy a aprender muchas cosas contigo!! Para serle sincero, todavía no he acostumbrado de tutearle a alguien pero voy a practicarlo mucho jajaja Cuídate 🌸🌸
8 giu 2020
Studente Mylaine
27 lezione/i di Spagnolo
Orlando is a great Spanish teacher. He teaches practical lessons and makes tricky grammar rules easy to understand. He is kind, supportive, and fun to talk to. I highly recommend him.
12 apr 2024
Studente Ralph
63 lezione/i di Spagnolo
By request Orlando prepared a lesson for how to emphasize how someone does something themselves. Yo mismo lo escuche con mis propias orejas
9 apr 2024
Studente Mylaine
27 lezione/i di Spagnolo
Orlando is an amazing Spanish tutor on italki! He is incredibly easy-going, which makes every lesson a comfortable and enjoyable experience. I never feel anxious talking to him, and our conversations are always a delight. Highly recommend!
30 mar 2024
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