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Yoann montebrun

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Da FranciaVive a Bogota, Colombia (14:40 UTC-05:00)
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Je m´appelle Yoann Montebrun. Je suis professeur de français à Bogota en Colombie depuis 7 ans. J aime organiser des sorties culturelles avec ma famille et mes amis. J´aime voyager et découvrir de nouvelles cultures. J´aime les échanges interculturels autour d´un café ou d´un thé ou lors de réunions entres amis de différents pays. My name is Yoann Montebrun. I´ve been a French teacher in Colombia for 7 years. I like to organize cultural outings with my family and friends. I like to travel and discover new cultures. I like intercultural exchanges and share a cup of coffee with international friends.

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Studente Frances Kang
Frances Kang
1,364 lezione/i di Francese
La scelta dell'insegnante
We - mainly my twins (turning 10) and I - have been taking lessons with Yoann for close to 4 years. We probably took more than 1,000 classes so far. Currently, my kids follow the whole syllabus of French school curriculum with Yoann. That includes French grammar/reading/phenology, math and geography. They read Harry Potter in French for fun. I boast this because I want to highlight Yoann’ ability. It’s a miracle that my kids that were born in the US to non-French speaking parents to have fluency in French. All the classes were online, and it takes so much soft skills to connect with 6 year olds online to be able to teach them. It’s extremely rare to meet someone this decent and dedicated. He is very very knowledgeable in his craft - teaching and pedagogy. It’s clear that teaching is his vocation and passion. He’s cultured, humble, emotionally intelligent, intellectually curious, disciplined, punctual, adapts to different learning styles and professional. He is THE best teacher.
22 gen 2024
Studente Kevin
27 lezione/i di Francese
La scelta dell'insegnante
Cómo siempre, otra excelente clase. La perfecta ración de energía, práctica oral y gramática. Cada semana siento que avanzo a pasos gigantes con Yoann. Mi meta es poder viajar a Francia, poder comunicarme en el día a día y conocer personas, una vez que acabe la pandemia. Comencé con 0 (cero) conocimiento de francés y ahora realmente siento que podré lograr mi objetivo 😃 👏 Yoann es nativo de Francia pero habla un español perfecto ya que lleva viviendo muchos años en Colombia 👍
14 ago 2020
Studente Juan Carlos
Juan Carlos
58 lezione/i di Francese
La scelta dell'insegnante
Today was my first lesson with Yoann. I'm a beginner. He ask me a series of questions (all in french) and ask me to read a short text in order to understand my current level and tailored the class and the methods to it. He showed me a lot of online resources as well as books that we are going to use to improve on the 4 habilities of the language. He was extremely kind and competent. I'm very happy with this first class and look forward to continue learning with him. Hoy fue mi primera lección con Yoann. Soy principiante en el francés. Me hizo una serie de preguntas (todas en francés) y me pidió que leyera un texto breve para comprender mi nivel actual y adaptar la clase y los métodos a él. Me mostró muchos recursos en línea, así como libros que usaremos para mejorar las 4 habilidades del idioma. Fue extremadamente amable y competente. ¡Estoy muy feliz con esta primera clase y espero seguir aprendiendo con él!
10 ago 2020
Studente Joyce
2 lezione/i di Francese
Yoann is very clear, directed and purposeful in his approach to teaching. Appears to be a very thoughtful professor, while also making the time enjoyable
25 mar 2024
Studente Jaunita George
Jaunita George
16 lezione/i di Francese
He's really an excellent professor who cares about his work. I definitely am learning quite a bit from him.
24 gen 2024
Studente Frances Kang
Frances Kang
1,364 lezione/i di Francese
Another great class with Yoann! It was so productive and I feel so accomplished!! We dug right into our grammar book. He went over my homework and corrected in green pen (not as alarming since it’s not red :) and went over the new materials. He corrected my pronunciation mistakes ever so gently, and gave me a lot of encouragement! Never judging or condescending!! Time flew!! I love my French class with Yoann! Looking forward to the next class!!!!!!
23 gen 2024
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