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Profesor de español especializado para niños, adolescentes y adultos.
Da SpagnaVive a Madrid, Spagna (08:33 UTC+01:00)
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Mi nombre es Jon. Soy de Madrid (España). Soy una persona muy social y me encanta conocer nuevas personas, trabajar con niños, adolescentes y adultos y vivir nuevas experiencias. Me encanta tocar y escribir música, y otras de mis aficiones son la lectura, el deporte y la cocina (¡sobre todo si es comida española!). / My name's Jon. I'm from Madrid (Spain). I'm a very social person and I love meeting new people, working with children, teenagers and adults, and living new experiences. I love playing and writing music and other hobbies of mine are reading, sporting and cooking (above all if it's Spanish food!)

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My 15 year old son really enjoys Spanish lessons with Jon. Jon is very organized and pedagogical, but also keeps it interesting and engaging; a very natural approach to teaching language.
24 nov 2022
Chris Umbrage
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Jon es un profesor increible, no encontrarás una persona mas agradable. Te hace sentir como un amigo. Me ha ensenado mucho y me ha ayudado mucho a mejorar mi español. Jon utiliza sus propios materiales, que son excelentes. Siempre disfruto nuestras conversaciones y espero nuestras clases.
27 ott 2022
Patryk Szaflarski
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Jon is an extraordinary teacher. I started my Spanish journey with him in the late September 2020 and after nearly 4 months I can have an hour conversation in Spanish. Teaching is his vocation. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
18 dic 2020
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We continued with our "immersive" approach to this conversation hour: daily happenings as well as experiences throughout the week. I love this approach. This consistent approach to our conversation hour leads us to develop themes as well as create fodder for our next classes. Engaging, rewarding and I feel confident the classes are helping me. I am on my way to schedule my 3 other classes now!
22 feb 2024
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Jon and I usually don't have structure for lesson. We do not use materials. It is more "immersive" style in that I speak about things that have happened in my day which sometimes includes what my typical routine consists of. Every week is dynamic because each week has something "out of the ordinary" that happens. Our conversations help me to point out the blind spots I have. Overall, Jon treats me like a native/ fluent speaker of Spanish all the opportunities he gets, which I appreciate. It takes lots of focus and energy to provide that service. Jon doesn't disappoint. Thanks! See you at the next class.
15 feb 2024
Jean-Pierre Adamson
4 lezione/i di Spagnolo
Great start, very professional and experienced. Looking forward to our next lesson!
9 feb 2024
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