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Bonjour! Je m'appelle Chloé. Je suis née et j'ai grandi dans le sud de la France. J'habite à Londres depuis 3 ans maintenant, et je suis professeur de français. Je suis passionnée par la linguistique et l'histoire des langues. J'aime aussi énormément les voyages, donc le métier de professeur de français m'a paru une évidence. Je parle français (avec un petit accent du sud) et anglais. J'apprend aussi en ce moment l'espagnol et l'allemand

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185 Recensioni

Studente Jonathan Schütze
Jonathan Schütze
86 lezione/i di Francese
La scelta dell'insegnante
Chloé is a truly gifted teacher! I have been taking classes with her for a year now and every single one was a great experience. She adapts perfectly to the level of her student and provides excellent learning materials. She always picks interesting topics to discuss and builds theoretical lessons on top of that. She is extremely patient, very encouraging, authentic and kind. I am very happy that I have found her and I am looking forward to my next lessons. If you want to advance your French, I highly recommend you to contact her. Thank you, Chloé!
16 mag 2023
Studente Michael R
Michael R
122 lezione/i di Francese
La scelta dell'insegnante
Chloé is an amazing teacher. I've been taking French with her for a while now and I've improved so much thanks to her. Her lessons are very structured and she provides appropriate homework. She puts a lot of effort into choosing topics that you would find interesting. She's been great at marking my progress choosing lessons in grammar and vocabulary that encourage progress.
5 gen 2023
Studente Lukas
98 lezione/i di Francese
La scelta dell'insegnante
Great lesson. Surely the best on-line learning experience I ever had in French language. Chloé is very professional and asked me what are my learning goals, strengths, and weaknesses. Was very helpful and supportive. Thank you!
12 mag 2022
Studente Anna-lisa Gogoi
Anna-lisa Gogoi
2 lezione/i di Francese
Wonderful patient and engaging teacher. Very patient with a complete beginner!
8 mag 2024
Studente Alex
3 lezione/i di Francese
Chloé is really good at helping me with problems and answering specific questions I have about natural pronunciation and grammar. These are highly customized sessions where I determine the content and rely on her clarity and expertise.
19 apr 2024
Studente Alex
3 lezione/i di Francese
I have specific requests requiring expertise in French teaching and native French language - not a generic class - and Chloé does an excellent job for what I want.
3 apr 2024
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