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"Abogado, maestro en filosofía y profesor de español. "
Da MessicoVive a Xalapa-Enriquez, Messico (17:16 UTC-06:00)
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My name is Francisco Guevara Vásquez. I studied law and a Master in Philosophy and modern culture. As a profession. I teach history, philosophy and human rights at the University. I like sports, reading and music, especially rock and hip hop Mi nombre es Francisco Guevara Vásquez. Abogado de carrera. Maestro en Filosofía y cultura moderna. . Doy clases de historia, filosofía y derechos humanos en la Universidad Politécnica Veracruzana. He vivido en varias ciudades y conozco más de 20 países, me gustan los deportes, la lectura y la música, sobre todo el rock y el hip hop.

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Spanish Conversation.
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Spanish step by step // Reading Circle.
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Lessons with Pako have been so incredibly helpful! My comprehension and writing have improved immensely since we started doing lessons. I struggled at first whenever he spoke to me in Spanish, but now I understand clearly what he's saying, and I can now watch and listen to content in Spanish much easier. I still find it difficult to speak in Spanish, but Pako is patient and helps me to understand the intricacies of grammar and sentence structure. I really love the different teaching modalities he uses. Not only do we have interesting conversations and I'm learning a lot about Mexico, but we also do fun and helpful reading and writing exercises. I highly recommend taking classes with Pako if you want to progress your Spanish skills!
2 set 2022
Kern Wasan
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Pako was outstanding in his teaching techniques. He has a gift for listening, and then adapting on the fly to change the court or lesson based on how much the student is capable of. I love his methodology and learning plans....I'll definitely be continuing my learning with Pako.
14 ago 2020
Amy Patton
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Excellent teacher. Smart, interesting, organized, deep thinker, prepared, good pacing, flexible, patient, friendly--basically everything you want in a teacher. He's really a natural. He's observant as well as intuitive, so you'll be on a learning journey that is suited to your needs. He's prepared with various resources, and also adapts to your requests/interests. I enjoy every class with him. I highly recommend learning from/with him :).
16 lug 2020
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Pako comes up with lots of interesting things to talk about and interesting stories to read. He also corrects me when I make a mistake!
25 set 2023
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Friendly teacher that takes you step by step
1 set 2023
AL Jones
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I had great introduction lesson with Pako! I look forward to learning more Spanish and improving my listening skills with him.
30 ago 2023
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