Lotti Ebertz

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Certified German teacher, adventurous world traveller and great conversationalist!
Da GermaniaVive a Wellington, Nuova Zelanda (17:52 UTC+13:00)
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Hi, nice to meet you! Schön, dich auf meinem Profil zu sehen! I'm Lotti, a certified German and English teacher from Dortmund, Germany 🇩🇪 I've lived and taught English and German in India, the USA, Australia, Vietnam, Guatemala and Mexico. I have a passion for traveling, meeting new people and learning languages to connect with the world and the people in it. !!! I DO NOT teach children !!! Ich unterrichte KEINE KINDER !!!

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📝 German Test Preparation A1 - C1 // Deutsch Prüfungsvorbereitung A1 - C1 🇩🇪
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🗣 German Conversation Practice B1+ // Deutsche Konversation B1+ 🇩🇪
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📚 German by the Book A1 - C2 // Lern Deutsch anhand von Lehrbüchern A1 - C2 🇩🇪
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✍️ Specific Grammar Help // Gezielte Grammatikhilfe 🇩🇪
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Dalton Hildreth
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If you're new to German, then I cannot recommend Lotti more highly! Almost a year ago I learned I would be going to Germany for a month. I arrived to my first lesson speaking barely more than "ein bisschen" (a bit) or "ich verstehe nicht" (I don't understand). I remember Lotti as patient and reassuring in that lesson and in every lesson that followed. I have found my German lessons to be fun, I have told and heard funny stories in German, and I have learned many things about the German language and Germany from Lotti. I am no longer nervous about having conversations in German! I'm looking forward to my trip because Lotti really helped improve my German.
26 ago 2023
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I was honestly really nervous about signing up for iTalki -- I was worried about being put continuously on the spot. But, working with Lotti has been wonderful! She never makes me feel dumb or like I should know better. (I had some bad high school language class experiences, which is why I developed this anxiety.) I especially liked when we reviewed grammar because I really need these reminders. Thank you for being such an excellent tutor, Lotti! I'll be back. :)
30 set 2022
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I have had a number of lessons with Lotti over the past weeks to prep for my Goethe B2 exams. We have focused primarily on writing, and at the latter stages also on the speaking exercises (she also showed me a systematic approach to one of the more difficult Lesen questions, which has helped me considerably). By my choice we used the framework of past papers in order to identify and address weaknesses. Lotti's insights into the exam requirements, her focused responses and helpful suggestions have helped me a lot and I feel much better prepared for the exams. I think the fact that we took regular sessions enabled a more step by step to the prep. As I mentioned in my earlier feedback, Lotti was always prepared so we had very productive lessons. She has also been flexible with the dates for the sessions, which have helped me given the deadline for the exams. Overall, very helpful. Subhrendu
10 giu 2020
Tarsis Sarlo
10 lezione/i di Tedesco
29 nov 2023
1 lezione/i di Tedesco
I worked with Lotti, since 2022, i was gone in the military and came back she was able to remember what we worked on previously, she is very smart and quick to understand your questions and help explain things. She is patient and very helpful. She can explain anything from article’s, vocabulary, sentence structure. If you are serious about learning and you want to learn fluency and speak another language, i highly recommend Lotti, shes a very Professional teacher and is very efficient in her work 10/10
7 nov 2023
Tarsis Sarlo
10 lezione/i di Tedesco
sehr gut!!!
3 nov 2023
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