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Friendly Japanese teacher with a passion for teaching and learning languages 😊
Da GiapponeVive a Adelaide, Australia (17:49 UTC+09:30)
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Insegnante di italki dal 30 Jul 2021
Argomento di interesseMusicaSportCibo
I love singing, dancing, mountain climbing, seeing beautiful scenery, and travelling. I have visited few countries so far and would love to visit many more in the future. Meeting different people, talking to them, and discovering new ways of thinking also excites me. I am very curious person and like to challenge new things. I also love to eat, so one of my hobbies is to visit delicious restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops. I want to see a lot of beautiful places, have a lot of experiences, and learn about other country’s culture. I wanted to be able to speak in English, so about 6years ago, I left my job and moved to Australia.

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34 Recensioni

Studente Mark Joseph
Mark Joseph
3 lezione/i di Giapponese
La scelta dell'insegnante
Today was another fun and productive conversation. I enjoyed having a conversation while learning Japanese and getting tips from Izumi-san to polish my Japanese. ありがとうございます Izumi-san!
20 gen 2022
Studente Sanita
11 lezione/i di Giapponese
La scelta dell'insegnante
This was my first lesson after not practising/studying Japanese for a while and Izumi-san was really patient with me as I was a little nervous. We started off by having a simple conversation about what we like doing and where we have travelled. She taught me a few common words and verbs and corrected my sentence structure during the conversation. My goal is to be able to speak Japanese casually (rather than professionally) and the trial class has given me that motivation to keep going. ありがとうございました! :D
2 set 2021
Studente Kevin
1 lezione/i di Giapponese
La scelta dell'insegnante
I really enjoyed our conversation. Izumi spoke very clearly and slowly so I didn't really have any problems understanding what she said. She was also very patient and helpful in correcting my mistakes. I would very much recommend lessons with her.
11 ago 2021
Studente Stuart McIntosh
Stuart McIntosh
11 lezione/i di Giapponese
楽しいレッスン。簡単な会話。私のニーズに合っています。 ありがとうございました。 Tanoshī ressun. Kantan'na kaiwa. Watashi no nīzu ni atte imasu. Arigatōgozaimashita.
11 ott 2022
Studente Bila Marina
Bila Marina
87 lezione/i di Giapponese
Izumi-sensei is best of the best! ❤️
11 lug 2022
Studente Amy Mare
Amy Mare
13 lezione/i di Giapponese
Izumi is a great teacher! She is really good at answering questions and she is very kind, I very much recommend her. I don't think there is a good alternative since Izumi is good at teaching and explaining concepts and correct grammar. She also doesn't just teach respectful long form of words, but she helps me speak natural Japanese instead of (for example) mistaking words as 'no' to be said as 'いいえ'. Not only that but she is kind and upbeat as if she is a huge shining star of happiness. 10/10, I do recommended.
11 lug 2022
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