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😍 Top 1% Korean Teacher who majored in KOREAN Language study
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*Starting from April, there will be a $4 increase for all classes. EASY and FUN, SYSTEMATIC, PATIENT, INTERACTIVE 안녕하세요~! Hello! Everyone! I'm a Korean teacher Minji ssam. I was selected as the top 1% Korean teacher on italki. I'm very patient. And I teach in a very easy and fun way. Do you want to study Korean? Then let's study together! -A professional teacher who majored in KOREAN Language study -A teacher specialized in TOPIK. -Provide a lot of class materials.(text books I made myself, vocabulary lists, etc.) [Career] -Certificate of Korean education level2 -Majored in Korean education -Six years' experience (Both online and offline) -Have taught more than 500 students

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Jody Lin
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I have been taking classes with Minji 선생님 for over a year now and she is an amazing teacher. In the past year I’ve seen a huge improvement in both my Korean comprehension and speaking skills. Minji 선생님 is always encouraging and creates a safe space to ask questions and learn from mistakes. She also always believes in me and continually finds new ways to challenge me to grow. I started by taking regular lessons and eventually switched to TOPIK 2 preparation earlier this year. Minji 선생님 helped me set some goals and figured out a plan to get to my desired level. I was initially intimidated by exam prep, but Minji 선생님 always made classes fun and I grew to like them more than our regular lessons (which were also fun!) I highly recommend Minji 선생님 to anyone looking to improve their Korean. She is very kind and caring to her students and I look forward to many more classes with her!
28 nov 2023
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I have been studying with Minji for 6 months and I see a huge difference. My speaking skills have really improved and I can hold conversations on a lot more topics than before. Minji has really helped me with my confidence. 감사합니다 선생님
21 lug 2023
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I love my lessons with Kim Minji! Before I started, I was a bit worried since I was a total beginner, and I was afraid I might not be able to follow but Kim Minji is an amazing teacher! She follows my pace and meets me where I am, and I never feel judged if I make mistakes or forget things. She's friendly and professional at the same time, and she's always eager to answer any questions I may have. I also love her reading material. I feel like she's organized the structure of the classes perfectly because I can see my progress every week when we chat at the beginning of the class and I'm more able to express myself in Korean. I definitely recommend her to anyone wanting to either learn the language from scratch or deepen their knowledge and understanding. Personally, our lessons are one of my weekly joys! 감사합니다 선생님!
6 mar 2023
4 lezione/i di Coreano
I have been taking classes with Minji 선생님 for a few weeks and she is a great teacher. Always very patient and helps me understand my mistakes and teaches the correct words and grammar. I highly recommend her as a teacher!
14 feb 2024
4 lezione/i di Coreano
I genuinely enjoyed my time with Minji Kim. She immediately began speaking to me in Korean and did not attempt to make things easier by using Romanization. This is a positive thing in learning a foreign language that uses a different alphabet! I look forward to future lessons.
2 gen 2024
Vanda Bazin
1 lezione/i di Coreano
She was extremely professional and she taught in a very interactive way :)
25 dic 2023
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