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Speak Confidently and Learn German with a Personalized and Effective Approach!
Da GermaniaVive a Cancun, Messico (18:00 UTC-05:00)
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Hi, I'm Claudia, a certified teacher from Bavaria with a passion for travel and education. With over 50 countries visited and extended stays in Cameroon, South Africa, Zanzibar, Brazil, Australia, Thailand, and currently Mexico, I've honed my people skills. After completing my first Staatsexamen for teachers in 2014 and 2 years of practical training, I discovered a newfound love for teaching through delivering over 2500 German online classes. Currently residing in Mexico, I am now taking on the challenge of learning Spanish.

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Just speak it!
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Break through! A1 - B2 Kurs
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Slide through! B1 - B2 Kurs
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Kids & Teens - Just speak German!
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Test preparation (Goethe, TELC, ÖSD) and Citizenship Interview & Test
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Specialized Business Fields: Job Interview Preparation & Medical, Legal, Technical Terminology
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101 Recensioni

6 lezione/i di Tedesco
La scelta dell'insegnante
Claudia seems really great. I have taken a couple of conversational classes with her and she is great about keeping the conversation going. It is easy to talk with her. She doesn't interrupt me to correct me, but writes it down correctly for me to see as I am talking. I think this is great. She also has slides and homework to help me practice.
3 mar 2022
Rose - Kids & Adults
27 lezione/i di Tedesco
La scelta dell'insegnante
Best German teacher I’ve found on italki. The lessons are challenging without being overwhelming.
24 nov 2020
13 lezione/i di Tedesco
La scelta dell'insegnante
Claudia is absolutely a blast to learn German from on italki! I will be going to so many more sessions with her. She is fun, engaging, patient, and a fantastic teacher!
23 nov 2020
21 lezione/i di Tedesco
Claudia is fantastic! She is really helping my dyslexic son enjoy learning German as well as succeed in his school class!
26 set 2023
Jeremy Keeling
1 lezione/i di Tedesco
I really enjoyed my first lesson and love to focus on speaking. I'm looking forward to booking the next lesson 😊
15 set 2023
Ebru Okay
1 lezione/i di Tedesco
ich war auf Suche von einer professionalen Lehrerin, wer unserer 14 jaehrigen Tochter mit der Entwicklung ihrer deutschen Sprache helfen kinnte. Ich war von Claudia's Ausstrahlung sehr begeistert und so ist auch unsere Tochter nach dem Probeunterricht. Claudia hat gleich nach dem Unterricht auch Ihre Rückmeldung und vorgeschlagten Strategie mitgeteilt. Sie hat die speziellen Bedürfnisse der Ece in Rucksicht genommen und meinte, dass Sie die Unterrichte dementsprechend sgrukturieren wird. ich bin sehr froh, eine so kompotentte dazu aber noch nette Lehrerin wie Claudia kennenlernenzudürfen.
11 set 2023
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