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Hi, my name is Eser. I am a native German, born and raised in the South-Western district of the country. I have a firm command of the Turkish language, thanks to having a Turkish ethnicity, and I can also speak English. I have a powerful passion for teaching, communicating with people, and training them with their language needs to sharpen their skills.

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Maria Morskovatykh
9 lezione/i di Tedesco
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I have been taking conversational German classes with Eser, and I am very impressed with her teaching style. Eser is not only a very friendly and approachable teacher, but she also always selects interesting topics for our conversations, which helps to keep the classes engaging and fun. Eser is also able to create a relaxed and enjoyable learning environment. For instance, whenever I make mistakes or struggle with vocabulary, she is always patient and supportive, which makes me feel at ease. Her positive attitude and encouragement make our classes really enjoyable. Overall, I would highly recommend Eser as a German teacher. Her friendly personality, engaging teaching style, and commitment to her students' success make her an excellent choice for anyone looking to improve their German language skills.
5 mar 2023
George Middleton
7 lezione/i di Tedesco
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Today was especially great. We spend time re-writing (saying) my sentences correctly. I need that.
21 dic 2022
26 lezione/i di Tedesco
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I have had more than 10 German teachers on this platform and Eser is one of the best teachers I have ever had. She is very friendly and is always looking to help you improve your German. I highly recommend taking German classes with her. Vielen Dank Eser für deinen Unterricht, bis bald! :)
10 feb 2022
Tanya Webber
4 lezione/i di Tedesco
Vielen Dank Eser fuer ein andere sehr belehrende und geniessbare stunde! Alles Gute!
20 lug 2023
Tanya Webber
4 lezione/i di Tedesco
Ersa ist eine echte ausgezeichnete Lehrerin. Ich finde die sanfte Korrektur besonders hilfreich.
5 lug 2023
Tanya Webber
4 lezione/i di Tedesco
Meine erste Stunde mit Eser war herrvoragend! Die Stunde ist sehr schnell vorbei gegangen. Bis zur naechsten Stunde Eser :)
29 giu 2023
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