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let's talk with a native. :-)
Da FranciaVive a Paris, Francia (09:20 UTC+03:00)
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my name is Kenza, I was born and raised in France. I am interested in the arts and more particularly that of the Middle East. I am passionate about travel, which allows me to discover the civilizations around us, a great preference for ancient civilizations. I am also interested in psychology, spirituality, alternative medicine, geopolitics . it will be a pleasure to listen to you, each person has a story and I think we can learn from the other. I'm looking forward to hearing you the agenda will be updated weekly, please consider. Do not hesitate to send me a message.

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let's improve your french with a native :-)
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read / pronunciation
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package 10 lessons :-) with a native speaker
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213 Recensioni

Studente Theresa K. Howell
Theresa K. Howell
13 lezione/i di Francese
La scelta dell'insegnante
Again such a wonderful lesson! I really enjoyed reading the provided materials and responding to the questions. Kenza is always so easy going and responsive.
15 mag 2024
Studente Zoryna
20 lezione/i di Francese
La scelta dell'insegnante
Kenza est très douée pour adapter le matériel à mes demandes, l'expliquer en détail et m'écouter attentivement. C'est un plaisir d'étudier avec elle. Je la recommande sincèrement !
16 mar 2024
Studente Everett Touse
Everett Touse
47 lezione/i di Francese
La scelta dell'insegnante
Kenza is a fantastic tutor. I look forward to our conversations each week. She is gently and kindly guiding me down the slow and rocky river to French fluency. She remains attentive and engaged in the conversation even when I have to pause and struggle to find a word or phrase, and she has a natural and easy way of rephrasing her ideas more simply when I don’t understand her. Kenza is a joy to talk to.
16 gen 2024
Studente Arrian Ebrahimi  刘天文
Arrian Ebrahimi 刘天文
3 lezione/i di Francese
Always so much fun to chat with Kenza. Can't wait for our next chat!
7 giu 2024
Studente Nicole
23 lezione/i di Francese
J'adore avoir des leçons avec Kenza. Elle est très gentille et propose toujours des sujets intéressants pour nos conversations.
30 mag 2024
Studente Theresa K. Howell
Theresa K. Howell
13 lezione/i di Francese
Kenza is so patient with me as an A1-2 speaker. Some days are just more challenging but she listens and helps me by writing out fuller sentences so I can see what it looks like to say in proper grammar. My reading is definitely at A2-B1 and she understands this. 😊
25 mag 2024
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