Johann K.

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*** Dynamic and professional native French teacher for all levels ***
Da FranciaVive a Paris, Francia (03:24 UTC+02:00)
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Salut ! (English below) Je m'appelle Johann, je suis français et j'habite en France ! J'ai aussi la chance d'être un citoyen canadien et d'avoir beaucoup voyagé dans ma vie à travers le monde (Canada, Inde, Chine, Thaïlande, USA, Australie, Indonésie… et plein d'autres pays) ! J'adore la musique, les concerts et la gastronomie. Mais ce que j'aime surtout, c'est enseigner ! Hi there! My name is Johann, I am French and I live in France. I am lucky to also be a Canadian citizen. I have travelled quite a lot around the world over the years (Canada, India, China, Thailand, USA, Australia, Indonesia … and more countries)! I love music, concerts, and gastronomy. But what I love most, is teaching!

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Français pour enfants et adolescents - French for children and teenagers
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Leçons de français général - General French lessons
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Cours de conversation - Conversation classes
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James Kirby
9 lezione/i di Francese
La scelta dell'insegnante
Another fun and interesting lesson with Johann. He is very understanding and helpful and really knows how to keep the conversation going. Each class I take with him goes right to the last second. He makes himself available and provides good resources and helpful advice that allows me to discover new and interesting things about the French language and culture. If you're thinking about it, definitely schedule a class with Johann; you won't be disappointed.
8 mag 2023
10 lezione/i di Francese
La scelta dell'insegnante
The class that Johann prepared for me is exactly what I needed to achieve my future goals. It was obvious he had spent a lot of time preparing for it prior to giving the class as he effortlessly transitioned from one topic into another. It was overall a very high caliber class and I will definitely take more classes with him. I walked away from the class having learned a lot in just one hour.
12 ott 2022
42 lezione/i di Francese
La scelta dell'insegnante
Johann is truly a one-of-a-kind teacher. Patient, kind, enthusiastic and empathetic; he is someone who tailors every lesson to your needs and is most encouraging. Learning a foreign language can at first seem like you are stepping into a dark forest, but with Johann’s thoughtful guidance, it feels more like a pleasant walk in the park. His lessons are always efficacious and delightful. Merci Johann, tu es extraordinaire! :)
22 set 2021
1 lezione/i di Francese
I had a great time with this first lesson. I was a little bit worried whether I would be able to have a conversation lesson because my French was very basic. But Johann was very professional and led the lesson so that I can comfortably learn and practice. Thank you for today's lesson. À bientôt!
28 set 2023
10 lezione/i di Francese
Johann cares about his students and their goals and prepares his classes well. The time flies by and before you know it, the class is over with!
15 ago 2023
KH Yeung
20 lezione/i di Francese
We are so pleased.Johann is very precessional and clearly experience teacher.
19 lug 2023
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