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Ich bin ein zweiundzwanzig Jahre alter Schüler aus einer Kleinstadt nahe Hannover in Niedersachsen, Deutschland. Ich habe eine große Liebe zu Sprachen und freue mich, anderen Sprachbegeisterten im Erlernen und Meistern meiner Muttersprache Deutsch helfen zu können! ______________________________________________________________ I'm a twenty-two year old student from a small town near Hannover in Lower Saxony, Germany. I've got a love for languages and feel happy to be able to help others with a love of languages to learn my native tongue German!

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18 lezione/i di Tedesco
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I really enjoyed my lesson with Finn! Not only do I have the opportunity to improve my German with him, a caring and meticulous teacher, but I am able to do it in a manner and environment that is organic and engaging.
18 giu 2021
16 lezione/i di Tedesco
La scelta dell'insegnante
Finn ist flexibel, positiv und kann über alles sprechen. Er ist enthusiastisch und motiviert mich Deutsch zu lernen.
4 giu 2021
20 lezione/i di Tedesco
La scelta dell'insegnante
Fantastic first lesson! Finn is super attentive and provided a great support throughout our conversation. I truly appreciate his thorough, flexible and intelligent approach which really helped boost my learning. Thank you Finn!
18 mag 2021
Brett Neumeister
6 lezione/i di Tedesco
A great teacher! I would highly recommend him to any student of German. Very friendly and knowledgeable. Thanks.
4 ott 2023
47 lezione/i di Tedesco
I've been taking online German lessons with Finn for quite some time now, and I must say, it's been a delightful experience. Finn's teaching approach is both comprehensive and engaging. What I particularly appreciate is his meticulous attention to details; he corrects my errors with precision, ensuring that I grasp the nuances of the language. Over time, I've noticed significant improvement in my German proficiency, and a large part of this progress can be attributed to Finn's dedication and expertise. If you're looking for an instructor who truly cares about your growth and brings out the best in you, I wholeheartedly recommend Finn.
20 set 2023
Anna Wroniecka
3 lezione/i di Tedesco
Finn can explain very well the vocabulary that I'm not sure about and talk about different topics, depending on my needs. His corrections and tipps are very helpful.
28 ago 2023
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