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Pharmacy PhD student and Turkish native speaker. Please don't wait, just contact!
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Hello, I'm Tuba. I was born and raised in Turkey. I currently live in Istanbul. I am a graduate of the Faculty of Pharmacy and continue my phD education in the same field. I am incredibly curious about new cultures. I enjoy with watching movies and series, reading books. Merhaba ben Tuba. Türkiye'de doğup büyüdüm ve İstanbul'da yaşıyorum. Eczacılık Fakültesi mezunuyum ve doktora eğitimime aynı alanda devam etmekteyim. Yeni kültürleri ve farklı dilleri inanılmaz derecede merak ediyorum. Film ve dizi izlemeyi, kitap okumayı seviyorum.

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Conversational Practice (Speaking practice on 100 different topics)
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First* lesson for new students who do not have a trial class.
A1 -  C2


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Turkish for Beginners (Continuing grammatical studies starting from alphabets and numbers, basic sentences used in Turkish daily conversation)
A1 -  C2


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I'm really happy studying with Tuba and feel that I am finally starting to make some progress with my Turkish language abilites. She uses great material to practice reading, listening and speaking, and keeps her classes interesting and super engaging. I highly appreciate that Tuba is such a patient teacher. I am never afraid to ask questions even about things she explained already but that I forgot. Her uncomplicated attitude helps me a lot to focus on learning instead of worrying about making mistakes. I think every language learner knows how dreadful it can be to start speaking a new language, but really, with Tuba it is such a natural part of the class time... I now even dare speaking a mix of (my little) Turkish and my mother tongue every time I go to the Turkish shops in my street, which actually is a lot of fun.
24 feb 2024
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Learning with Tuba is a sheer delight! Her personalised lessons are not only engaging but also highly effective, tailored to individual needs and goals. The cultural insights she provides add a profound layer to the learning journey, fostering a deep understanding of the language's context. Tuba is always prepared with thought-provoking questions, ensuring a continuous and stimulating conversation. At the same time she's also flexible, allowing the dialogue to unfold naturally. Time always flies away in her lessons—a testament to how engaging the conversations are. In addition to offering corrections, Tuba approaches teaching with an admirable lack of judgment and remarkable patience. Her calming nature establishes a safe space for students to make mistakes freely and learn without inhibition. I wholeheartedly recommend Tuba to anyone in search of a transformative language-learning experience. And thank you Tuba, for being an incredible tutor.
12 dic 2023
Ameerah Tura
1 lezione/i di Turco
Tuba was a great teacher :) She’s very clear in her explanations and has made me feel welcome in her class.
15 feb 2024
Verena Holzer
1 lezione/i di Turco
Tuba was helping me to understand and answer simple questions, and explained me some basic grammar rules. She's listening and correcting pronounciation. Will learn with her again!
21 gen 2024
2 lezione/i di Turco
I really enjoyed my first conversation lesson with Tuba. She was well prepared and asked me which topic I'd like to talk about, I said spontaneous, so Tuba led the conversation from there. She asked me some interesting questions, which challenged me to think and explain in Turkish.
18 gen 2024
15 lezione/i di Turco
I really enjoy Tuba's approach - respecting the individual level while at the same time taking the time to explain and repeat things patiently where necessary. I'm looking forward to more classes with her.
13 ott 2023
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