🇫🇷​ Practice time ! ✅ Follow me or take a class with me to finally speak French to anyone you want and feel free and indendent in the French-speaking environement. ❓Et toi, à quoi tu as joué des heures quand tu étais petit(e)? 📍 vocabulaire: *j’y ai joué des heures - I played with it for hours // я играла в это часами *j’adorais - I loved // я обожала *créer de belles tenues - creating beautiful outfits // придумывать красивые наряды 📍 grammaire: y - this pronoun can replace either a place or an object after the verb with the preposition “à”. Here we have “jouer à qqch”, so not to repeat a word once again we can replace it by the pronoun ‘y’ (it) *j’ai joué des heures - passé composé, finished action in the past, a fact you are stating. *j’adorais - imparfait, describes the state of mind or a habit in the past
2024年6月21日 08:32