Eni Tamang
Namaste 🙏🙏 How to find the right tutor online? These tips might be helpful: ✓ Choose Wisely: Before booking a class, thoroughly read the tutor's profile and watch the intro video. You can text if you have any queries. ✓ Define Goals: Clearly know what you want to learn so that you can communicate effectively with your tutor and get the most out of the class. ✓ Communication Preferences: Discuss how you prefer learning - whether through conversation, reading, music, etc. ✓ Build Foundation: Start with one teacher for basics before exploring different tutors. Dhanyabaad (Thank you)!
4 feb. 2024 06:24
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I think this is perfect for students. Also, from a student perspective, the student needs to practice outside of class to get the benefits of the lesson!! My biggest learning on Italki
5 feb. 2024 01:18
Please add your tips on the comment.🙏
4 feb. 2024 06:39